Pamela Prati: new lies revealed about her past. And a chat fits the agent

Pamela Prati: new lies revealed about her past. And a chat fits the agent

While a chat seems to frame Pamela Perricciolo, new lies emerge on the past of Prati

It is now an open war between Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo on the Prati case, while investigations continue to discover the dense network of lies created by the three women. After the former suitor of Men and Women and the Sardinian showgirl, Donna Pamela also decided to speak.

He did it in Barbara D’Urso's living room where, once again, he revealed that Mark Caltagirone does not exist and that Prati with the complicity of the agents would have invented the fake wedding. Not only that: the woman also denied numerous statements by Michelazzo who has always declared herself a victim, claiming to have been married for ten years with a man who did not exist: Simone Coppi.

Strong statements to which Eliana replied with some Instagram Stories in which she showed evidence that seems to reveal new lies of the ex-partner. These are some chats where Perricciolo talks about Simone Coppi and her mother as if they existed, also quoting Sebastian Caltagirone. The messages sent last April seem to confirm that Michelazzo was unaware of the deception.

During her interview with Live – It is not D’Urso, Donna Pamela also spoke of Prati, saying that she was not plagiarized and that she knew very well what she was doing. Accusations that again put the showgirl in difficulty, at least as much as a new discovery made by the weekly Chi.

In fact, Alfonso Signorini's journalists have reached Sardinia, in particular Ozieri, the village where the former star of Bagaglino was born. Here, chatting with the inhabitants, they discovered new lies of the Prati. In fact, in the past he had declared that his father was Spanish and a well-known flamenco dancer.

Words denied by the citizens of Ozieri, who well remember Paola Pireddu (this is her real name) and her father. "One day we went hunting with wild boar together and we talked about this – said a friend of the man -. I had known this and I said to him "Come on, Piscittu, are you an expert on flamenco?" And his only answer was "But that, I don't even know the tango …"

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