Pamela Prati to Men and Women: a collaborator of De Filippi speaks

Pamela Prati to Men and Women: a collaborator of De Filippi speaks

Will Pamela Prati be the next tronista of men and women? The editorial staff of the program breaks the silence

Pamela Prati to men and women? In the last hours there has often been talk of the participation of the Sardinian showgirl in the Maria De Filippi program as a tronista. The news had divided the fans of the transmission between those who favored his arrival on the throne and those who considered it a wrong choice.

The editorial staff of Men and Women or, better said, Raffaella Mennoia, Maria De Filippi's right hand, responded to the gossip of the moment. Currently working on the set of Temptation Island in Sardinia, she has decided to take a break to comment on the news and make things clear.

Mennoia has published a video on Instagram Stories in which, without ever mentioning Pamela Prati, she talks about her possible arrival on the throne of Men and Women. "Hey there, you are writing to me in many to deny a news that appeared in the last hours – explained the editor of the show -. But: do donkeys fly? ”.

Words that have all the air of a denial. It therefore seems that we will not see Pamela Prati very soon on the throne of men and women. The former Bagaglino star, after the tears on TV and the fake marriage scandal, seems intent on leaving Mark Caltagirone behind.

For months there has been no talk of anything else and even today it is not easy to understand who the victims and the perpetrators are, amid accusations and statements by Prati of his former agents, Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo.

La Prati, who for weeks has remained far from the media hype, has decided to reopen her Instagram profile and in the Stories she publishes videos and photos that tell about her summer. From the boat trip with Valeria Marini to the breakfast by the pool: Pamela seems willing to find some normalcy and, at least for now, it will not be for men and women.

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