Pampering and advice to learn to love yourself

Pampering and advice to learn to love yourself

Let's see together some practical tips to learn how to pamper yourself and really love yourself


  • What it means to love yourself: 5 practical tips
    • Wanting your own good
    • Observe yourself without judgment
    • Accept yourself
    • Limit the value we place on the judgment of others
    • Don't compress
  • The wounds and the cuddles

What it means to love yourself: 5 practical tips

If we look at the deep meaning of what concerns loving each other, we can do so by identifying the fundamental characteristics that highlight this condition. How do you recognize someone who loves himself / herself and how can we get inspired by starting to do it too? Alternatively, we can also use these characteristics as a measure of the value we are giving ourselves at the present time:

Wanting your own good

To love yourself means to all intents and purposes wanting your own good, pushing your life in a direction that is beneficial, joining actions that produce positive and productive effects. Thinking and visualizing oneself as actors and actresses of one's own destiny allows you to take life in hand and become responsible for every action. Trying to do one's own good also translates into fewer complaints, less pulling down, less taking responsibility, less guilt that are useless to others. In other words, one becomes serene as in every moment one tries to do one's own good.

Observe yourself without judgment

To understand what you would like to achieve in life, you must first of all look at yourself, observe what you want to achieve and in what times, without anxiety. This brings together people who are good for us and pushes away those who do not help us progress. If we feel mostly lazy, let's take that into account, but don't let laziness get us down. If, on the other hand, we know we are hyperactive, we should find moments to rest, push ourselves to do so even if we can't stop. Observing one's thoughts is not only the key to knowing each other but also to change those that do not help us grow.

Accept yourself

Once we understand their characteristics (however, it is a progressive and always moving path), we may find some that we do not like and we should be able to accept them without judging them too much. For example, if we realize that we give in to anger easily, if we notice that shyness forces us, let's accept it and try to understand in a serene way how and what we would like to change, always respecting our nature.

Limit the value we place on the judgment of others

What others think should not affect us too much, that is, it should not create hindering conditions for us. Sometimes putting into practice an attitude that starts only and exclusively from one's own center becomes complex as the opinions of the people we love count and a lot. Think about the situation in which you fall in love with someone who is not immediately understood or liked by family or friends; surely, as much as you like this person, the opinions of family members or close friends matter. We must also remember that the opinions of others are moved by internal movements of their own, sometimes unconscious. Changes sometimes generate a surprise that people react to in their own ways. Also think about when choosing a new haircut; maybe not everyone will like them and there will be different opinions, but the cut must please you first.

Don't compress

There are introverted and extroverted people and there are further subdivisions in these two major categories. Some of us are emotional, some are rational, some are practical, some are very idealistic. In any case, putting our feet on the ground means recognizing ourselves for who we really are and respecting ourselves in every aspect. If you don't feel like talking, don't do it; if you don't want to be super social all the time, stay between you and you. Sometimes it takes a little strength to get out of your comfort zone, but be careful not to force yourself too much in one direction or another.

The wounds and the cuddles

To be able to love and pamper yourself you must also look at your own wounds, the emotional ones. Sometimes we self-boycott our psychological well-being, successes and successes due to wounds such as those of abandonment or due to events within the family. To enhance yourself, you need to know your weaknesses and learn to fortify them slowly. To take care of yourself you must proceed with caution when remembering certain injuries or when they are touched.

Cuddling is also about listening to oneself in difficult moments and taking oneself in one's arms, demonstrating that vulnerable is also good, fragile is also good. Loving oneself corresponds to a form of maintenance, keeping oneself, holding hands, without judging oneself or feeling less. From what once gave us so much pain, something different is often born that has a specific name: love.

Start step by step, from the little things, start cooking for yourself / and something you like, do it calmly, at your own pace and time, with the colors you like. This type of action approaches nourishment, pampering as something tasty in every sense. Take a nice bath or a refreshing shower. Massage the body. Speak words full of warmth. Look in the mirror, look deeply into your eyes and smile. The pampering of a smile, receiving and giving it, takes great care and in a short time.

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