Panicucci, the memory of the loss of his father: "There are no goodbyes for us"

Panicucci, the memory of the loss of his father: "There are no goodbyes for us"

The presenter wanted to remember her father who passed away a few years ago, dedicating a touching post to him on Instagram

Federica Panicucci turns 53: love for Marco Bacini, children and career

A touching post, dedicated to her father who passed away a few years ago: Federica Panicucci wanted to remember Edoardo, who passed away in the night between 12 and 13 September 2016, at the age of 77. The well-known TV presenter posted on Instagram a photo on the day of her father's birthday, who would have turned 81 today.

In the shot, the two appear smiling, embracing Panicucci's children Sofia and Mattia, the fruit of love with the ex Mario Fargetta. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our heart. Happy birthday papy and wonderful grandfather ”wrote the presenter of Mattino Cinque accompanying the photo.

Touching words which show the special bond that Federica had with her father. Many messages of closeness from fans, from those who have experienced the same loss or simply from those who wanted to show their support to the presenter: "The loss of a parent is a wound that has never healed … I say this from experience Faith … We live by remember, ”commented one user.

It is not the first time that the presenter remembers dad Edoardo on social networks: a few years ago she had left a very sweet message to her parent, accompanied by a photo that immortalized a happy moment of theirs: "Papy, leave the sky for a moment and come and hug me ”, He wrote on that occasion.

That her relationship with her father was intense and special, Panicucci herself had told in Verissimo's studies, confessing to Silvia Toffanin the most painful loss of her life, a wound that still struggles to heal today: "I don't think I'll ever get over this thing, I still can't talk about it because he was an extraordinary man and I miss him very much ”, he said through tears. "Sometimes I still have the instinct to call him on the phone. In all this pain, however, I received a gift. In his last months of life I was able to tell him everything, to leave nothing unspoken and this consoles me “.

Just as her father left her, however, Marco Bacini, the entrepreneur who made her smile after her divorce from Mario Fargetta, entered her life: "Love for Marco literally overwhelmed me and I was overwhelmed. I am positive and optimistic by nature and, if you face life like this, it can give you great satisfaction. I didn't stop to think anything negative, I was convinced that, even in the most difficult moments, I would find the right key “, the host revealed to Chi.

Federica Panicucci with her father Edoardo and children

Federica Panicucci with her father Edoardo and children

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