Paola Barale attacks Gianni Sperti and reveals why she left Raz Degan

Paola Barale attacks Gianni Sperti and reveals why she left Raz Degan

Paola Barale reveals for the first time why she left Raz Degan and attacks her ex-husband Gianni Sperti

Paola Barale between television and private photos on Instagram

Paola Barale returns to talk about Gianni Sperti and Raz Degan, the two great loves of his life. Interviewed by the weekly F, the showgirl recalled her marriage to the dancer and commentator of Men and Women, using rather harsh words. Sperti and Barale met in the 1990s on Good Sunday. Then came the wedding, which lasted from 1998 to 2002, a love that ended badly and that both of them no longer wanted to talk about.

"Gianni and I danced with Buona Domenica and, dancing dancing, we arrived at the altar – said Paola -. I was 21 and I was very much in love. It lasted four years, then we divorced. We got lost without him leaving me at least one memory that was good. " Very precise phrases that echo his statements made to Live – It is not D’Urso where he revealed that he had divorced because he didn't want children unlike the dancer.

After the divorce from Sperti, Paola Barale lived an overwhelming love story with Raz Degan, which ended in 2015. "Raz was the great love of my life – he confessed – but it was not enough. In a couple, love must be added value, project, sharing. If there is love, you get married, if not, no. Among adults, there is no need to lie, especially after so many years – clarified the presenter -. And when the slices of salami finally fell from my eyes I saw reality for what it was. I would no longer like to talk about him: beyond the pain that this man has inflicted on me, digging up the past is something that still makes me sick today. "

La Barale then confessed the reasons for the farewell to Raz Degan. "I made the decision, but I was led by the hair – he said -: it is not the first time that men, especially when they find themselves in uncomfortable situations, let themselves be left. Allowing a person who loves you very much to go away is very difficult, but if in addition to loving them you respect and respect yourself, I believe it is an act of great maturity. If I had listened to reason, that story wouldn't even have started – he concluded -. First impressions are those that count: when they are perceived, they must be listened to. The rest, in fact, was also a film of mine ”.

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