Paola Barale does not regret the choice on Gianni Sperti

Paola Barale does not regret the choice on Gianni Sperti

Paola Barale still talks about her marriage to Gianni Sperti (without ever mentioning him) and doesn't regret it

Paola Barale between television and private photos on Instagram

Paola Barale returns to talk about her past and her (finished) marriage with Gianni Sperti. The showgirl always told herself without filters and some time ago, a guest of Live – It is not D’Urso, she spoke of the farewell to the men and women columnist. A relationship born behind the scenes of Buona Domenica, a program that she led with Maurizio Costanzo, and ended a few years later.

For years Paola and Gianni had not talked about the end of their marriage. However, Barale recently revealed that she had ended the relationship because Sperti wanted children. Today, years later, the presenter does not regret that choice. In an interview with Gente, he revealed that he was happy and that he did not regret the decision.

“53 years are not few – he said speaking of his years – but I live my age with extreme loyalty. I'm not happy about getting old, but I accept it. I often wonder if I'm sorry I didn't have a child and the answer is no. I like children – added the queen of Instagram – but you have to have a lot of courage to bring them into the world. And honestly when it was time I didn't have this courage or maybe I wasn't living the right conditions of life. "

Today Paola is single, after the end of the love story with Raz Degan, which lasted from 2002 to 2015. An important love that seemed reborn during the Island of the Famous, thanks to the help of Alessia Marcuzzi, but it was not so. Strong and independent, Barale has revealed that she does not feel alone.

“I don't have all this desire to leave the house. I spent this period alone and I was fine – she revealed, also talking about her work -. I had just started the tour for the theater comedy, 'If you have to tell a big lie', a job I care about because it represents my debut as an actress. Coronavirus interrupted this precious career transition. Now it will be discussed again in January ”.

And in this long period of isolation she also learned to cut her hair on her own: “I was not afraid. I said to myself if you're wrong, they will grow back. I was fascinated by the challenge. "

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