Paola Barale goes to the dentist: the video on Instagram is a triumph

Paola Barale goes to the dentist: the video on Instagram is a triumph

Paola Barale once again conquers Instagram with a video in which she undergoes a session at the dentist

Far from TV, but not from social media: Paola Barale conquers Instagram with a video in which she tells a session at the dentist. The showgirl has long decided to leave the small screen to devote herself to other projects. Travel the world and dedicate yourself to friends, communicating with fans through your private profile.

At 52, Barale is still a star, beloved by the Italian public who assiduously follows her and does not forget her. His videos and posts are often a success, the last one above all, in which he recounts a session at the trusted dentist. In the clip, posted in the Stories, Paola jokes with the dentist confessing that she goes to him "every thousand years". Solar and gorgeous, the showgirl laughs and jokes, letting herself be visited in front of the attentive eye of the camera.

After the end of the marriage with Gianni Sperti, Barale has also filed the relationship with Raz Degan and has long been single. The flashback, which seemed inevitable on the Island of the Famous, did not happen in the end and today the presenter of Fossano would be alone again.

Although the conditional is mandatory, given that in the last period numerous gossip had circulated about his sentimental situation. Some time ago it seemed that Paola had returned to smile next to the physiotherapist Alessandro, while during the Easter holidays the showgirl had posted on Instagram a photo in which she was with Fabrizio Langella. To meet the manager, who manages the Ibiza Real estate & Concierge company, Barale had flown to Ibiza with some friends.

"Children? No, frankly I don't miss them – the host had confessed in the last interview released on Sunday In -. I thought about it, but I still have to grow. For some things I remained a girl, perhaps because I didn't have children and I didn't take this step of responsibility. I am not irresponsible, I am free. Freedom is beautiful, I don't have to give anyone an account. "

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