Paola Barale ignites Name That Tune. The exaggerated look obscures Anna Tatangelo


Paola Barale at 53 leaves you breathless on Tv8 with the fishnet suit and red shorts. Anna Tatangelo and Elettra Lamborghini put in a corner

Name That Tune: the looks, from Paola Barale to Elettra Lamborghini

Paola Barale shines in the third episode of Name That Tune. Its rock and aggressive look does not go unnoticed and lights up the Tv8 studio. She is the most beautiful of the evening, in a really tough competition, given that her rivals, in terms of outfits, are called Anna Tatangelo and Elettra Lamborghini. Not to mention the eccentric and curated outfit by Cristiano Malgioglio.

La Barale (read our interview), 53, shows up at Name That Tune in black, baggy top and fishnets, presumably a jumpsuit revealing black lingerie, over which she wears a fiery red jacket and shorts. At the foot of the shiny boots, always red, which he revealed he had borrowed. Her look leaves you breathless and obscures the sparkling outfit of Elettra Lamborghini, fresh from marriage, but also Anna Tatangelo. Sora's singer showed up on TV showing off her new blonde look and not to be outdone in terms of stylistic aggression she chose black leather pants and very high décolletées.

But there is no story for the two team leaders, Anna and Elettra, to dominate the evening is the splendid Paola. So much so that even Lino Banfi let himself go to an unequivocal compliment: “Paola Barale pokes me”. Meanwhile, on the Instagram profile of the showgirl and presenter, many comment on her beauty: “What a beautiful you are I love”. And again: “Paola @ you are super! None like you ". Her outfit is very popular: “The style… It has no equal👏👏❤️”; “The most stylish and sexy ever. 😍 "; “The class is not water, beautiful. "

Someone notes the enviable physical shape of the Barale, highlighted by the disturbing outfit: “Congratulations for the abs Paola. In great shape as always. " There is none like her, others insist: "Send them all home". And so it was, also with regard to the singing competition.

In fact, Paola Barale is in the team led by Elettra Lamborghini, together with Cristiano Malgioglio and Orietta Berti. A winning team, since for the third time they defeated the opposing teams. Tatangelo with Riccardo Fogli, Lino Banfi and Francesco Monte seemed to have managed to put the reigning champions in serious difficulty, but in the end they did not.

The third episode of Name That Tune reached 3.2% with 666,000 spectators, beating even the replica of Big Brother Vip.

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