Paola Barale naturally enchants and confesses to Today is another day


Paola Barale leaves you breathless with makeup to nature and from Serena Bortone confesses to being happily single, but does not rule out love

Every time Paola Barale goes on television it is a success. Serena Bortone's guest at Today is another day, the showgirl enchants everyone with her natural look as she confesses without limits about love and being happy single.

After leaving Name That Tune breathless in a team with Elettra Lamborghini, Barale chooses a "home" outfit for the afternoon interview. And in fact the TV connection happens directly from the kitchen of his house. Enchanting and spontaneous, she collects the compliments of Serena Bortone who praises her for her natural beauty. Paola however corrects her, stating that her appearance is the result of the skill of her make-up artist. And in fact, in the video she shared on Instagram, Paola Barale reveals the make-up and wig preparations before her intervention on Rai Uno.

Bortone chats with the showgirl about everything, both about her career, when she made her debut as a Madonna lookalike, a likeness that launched her into show business, and about her private life. Today Paola is single, or rather, she is happily single.

She decided to be alone, because she no longer has the time or desire to dedicate to important love stories. We all remember her dream relationship with Raz Degan. Today Barale follows a different philosophy of life which, according to her, angers her mother: “Waiting for the right one, I have fun with the wrong ones”.

Serena Bortone asks her if she is open to a fluid relationship, if she doesn't exclude the possibility of falling in love with a woman. The showgirl replies: "It has never happened in my life, but it is not to be excluded, even if I am convinced heterosexual". On the other hand, he thinks that a woman could understand her better, even if "in all my relationships I have always looked for people distant from me". Although Paola is happy alone, she hasn't hung up her shoes, specifying: “I hope to fall in love even if I'm not looking spasmodic”.

The presenter also ask Barale about the period she lived in lockdown, when she collected alimony as a Red Cross volunteer for people in need. He also talked about this important experience in our interview last spring.

And commenting on what is happening in Italy, Paola states: “There is no need to make demonstrations in the square without masks, our commitment must start from small things, there is no need for a curfew but we must understand with maturity that it is a problem for which waivers are needed. We will do it, TV shouldn't scare us but teach us to live with Covid. Our people are the most generous in the world but they also need different solutions to live ”. Barale does not want to enter into the merits, but expresses a clear position. Like the appeal launched on social media by Michelle Hunziker.

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