Paola Barale on Instagram: the kimono dress is a dream

Paola Barale

Paola Barale leaves you breathless with the kimono minidress and the lucky hairstyle with chillies is trendy

Paola Barale once again leaves you breathless thanks to one of her amazing looks that she shares on her Instagram profile with a post in the name of that irony that has always distinguished her. And her chili hairstyle is already a trend.

The presenter, 53 years old on April 28, publishes a photo on Instagram in which she wears a splendid minidress, signed Parosh, reminiscent of kimonos. It is a black dress, very short, with wide sleeves edged in white, according to the traditional Japanese style, and a bow at the neck tied in a tie. A detail that today is very trendy, brought to the fore by the crowned heads of all Europe and loved in particular by Kate Middleton, even copied by Meghan Markle.

The look of the Barale is completed by a pair of heavy black tights and high boots up to the calf but ultra flat by Bruno Bordese. The beautiful Paola poses in a room with white walls, completely empty, or rather filled only with white balloons that trigger the irony of the presenter.

In fact, Paola Barale writes to comment on the shot: “and I'm also running around the balls 😬🤔”. Among the followers the reply is immediately ready: “and whoever wants to intend intends (or in the tent… do you know)”, to which the showgirl also responds with a little heart.

The compliments on Paola's beauty, for her time does not seem to have passed, they are not wasted. "You are too Faigaaa Paolaaaa❤️". "You are the queen", "Always beautiful and original". “The best”, “The most beautiful”. There was also a lot of appreciation for the look: “That kimono is beautiful”. On the other hand, Barale had inflamed the Name that Tune studio with her minis and shorts, overshadowing Eletta Lamborghini and Anna Tatangelo. But Paola also charms naturally while she has attracted attention, hosted by Serena Bortone, to Today is another day.

The style of the Barale is very popular. Just think of the success of her lucky hairstyle (see the video above) that the showgirl shared on Instagram. It is an original crop that has a very special decoration, made with bay leaves and chillies. In fact, the latter are considered by popular tradition to be real talismans.

Paola Barale's fans applaud and once again can only compliment her: "You are always number 1 for your beauty and sensuality, even with laurel and chilli pepper in your hair". And the beautiful Piribri (as she calls herself Paola on Instagram) launches a new trend in terms of hair.

Paola Barale kimono

Paola Barale

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