Paola Barale tries again with the mini dress and at "Name That Tune" everything happens


Sparkling mini dress and fishnet stockings, Paola Barale is the most charming of the evening. Elettra Lamborghini mocks Morgan and Sister Cristina excites

Name That Tune: the looks, from Paola Barale to Elettra Lamborghini

Grand finale for Name That Tune where everything happens in the studio. Starting with the scorching defeat of Elettra Lamborghini's team that had triumphed in the previous four episodes. To put her out is Morgan who lines up Anna Tatangelo, Sister Cristina and Arisa. But thanks above all to Paola Barale, the heiress' team retains the title of the most stylish, even if Cristiano Malgioglio and Orietta Berti give it their all.

Let's proceed in order. In the studio the atmosphere is immediately crackling. It begins with Orietta Berti's joke to her teammate Cristiano Malgioglio. The singer-songwriter wears a really exaggerated outfit: jacket with gathered sleeves, floral sarong over the black trousers … In short, the extravagant look does not go unnoticed and Berti compares her puffed sleeves to Lady Diana's opulent wedding dress, a great classic from the 80s. Malgioglio collects the joke amused.

Then Elettra Lamborghini makes the verse to Morgan and imitates him in the famous curtain that saw him protagonist with Bugo at Sanremo 2020 which earned the duo the disqualification from the Festival: Elettra sings him the modified text of Sincero and Morgan pretends to leave, imitating Bugo.

The time of the warhorses arrives. The Lamborghini team is in pain and she decides to launch herself on stage with Musica and everything else disappears. Dare to twerk and ask for help from the conductor, Enrico Papi, for the chorus. But despite all her efforts, Sister Cristina beats her. In fact, she and Morgan propose a modern version of Gounod's Ave Maria that makes you shiver from how much it moves.

There are moments of dispute when Malgioglio performs in Jerusalem and is accused by Morgan and Tatangelo of lip-syncing. Then Anna dedicates to Cristiano Being a woman and tears him up in the singing competition.

To further light up the atmosphere are the outfits chosen for the final. Starting with that of Paola Barale who, after the red shorts and the white diva dress, proposes a sparkling silver mini dress with a wrap skirt that reveals the perfect legs of the presenter, wrapped in fishnet tights, with a wide sweater, meat. A pair of soft boots, also metallic, complete the look. At 53, Barale has nothing to envy to twenty-year-olds. Not even Elettra Lamborghini, who is 26 years old and sports a truly minimal dress.

Arisa instead responds with a sober and elegant outfit, total black. The only eccentric accessory are the golden sandals with a high and massive heel. On the other hand, the Tatangelo outfit that remains somewhat in the shade is undertone: patterned shirt, black trousers and combat boots. Maybe he could have dared more, just like Jo Squillo and Sabrina Salerno did in the semi-final of Name That Tune.

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