Paola Barale unveils the new hairstyle on Instagram and leaves you breathless

Paola Barale unveils the new hairstyle on Instagram and leaves you breathless

Paola Barale, guest at the Maurizio Costanzo Show, previews the new braid look on Instagram and is already trendy

Paola Barale is a guest of the second episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show which airs Wednesday 31 March in the late evening on Canale 5. The showgirl on her Instagram profile unveils a preview of her hairstyle and the braid is already trendy.

Born in 1967, Paola Barale shows off a stratospheric look for Maurizio Costanzo's historic talk show and on Instagram leaves everyone breathless. The showgirl has in fact shared a video while in the car. He reveals that he is in Rome because "he has to do something", he does not reveal exactly what it is, but we know that it concerns his presence on TV.

The spring weather puts her in a good mood and reassures her fans: “It's all very well”, the climate is so relaxed that – she says – “I feel like I'm on vacation. What a beautiful Rome ”. La Barale is simply splendid and is keen to preview her “beautiful braid”. Indeed, the neo-romantic hairstyle is perfect for her.

Paola wanted a crop where the protagonist is a braid arranged in a tiara. The elaborate and ultra chic hairstyle enhances her blue eyes, skilfully made up to accentuate her magnetic gaze.

On Instagram Paola Barale thanks her friends for their precious work and reiterates: “Thanks for the braid 😉 I like it a lot”. While with a hashtag he reveals that it is a wig. Fans go wild complimenting her on the new look: "You look great in this hairstyle." "Stupenda" and "beautiful" are the adjectives most used to describe it, even if someone teases it by venturing a comparison with Barbara Alberti.

As mentioned, Barale is a guest of the Maurizio Costanzo Show which successfully debuted with Ornella Muti in the studio. The episode of March 31 opens with a focus on the cult program, Buona Domenica, conducted by Paola together with Costanzo, Claudio Lippi and Massimo Lopez. Among the guests of the evening, there are also Platinette, Orietta Berti, Rossella Brescia and Laura Freddi.

During the program, Costanzo together with the deputy director of Corriere della Sera, Massimo Gramellini, tackles the influencer issue, for this reason Giulia De Lellis, Tommaso Zorzi, Beatrice Valli are present in the studio. Finally, space for politics with the interview with Virginia Raggi.

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