Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi broke up: the announcement on Instagram

Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi broke up: the announcement on Instagram

Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi broke up after three years of love: the announcement on Instagram

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Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi broke up. This was announced on Instagram by the model who posted a press release signed together with her ex-partner in the Stories. The former gieffina and the singer, after three years of love, have chosen to share their paths, while reaffirming their mutual affection and the importance of the time spent together.

“Many of you have noticed in this last period of the gap between me and Federico – explained Paola -. In these 3 years we have loved each other so much and there have been ups and downs, as in all respectable love stories. This time, however, we have come to the realization that we want to go on with our lives alone. We would like to clarify that nothing sensational has happened, we have simply matured this decision over time. No disrespect, no betrayal – we still read -. Just a love story that has come to an end. We wanted to thank all the people who have grown fond and supported us over the years and we say to them that we will continue to want us so well, we will continue to support and respect us, just as we have always promised ourselves. We embrace you Paola and Faith ”.

After the announcement, Federico Rossi published a photo of Paola Di Benedetto with their cat in the Instagram Stories. "I will always be there", wrote the artist. That something had happened had been clear for days. In fact, Paola and Federico had appeared very distant in the last few weeks, while the model, just a few days ago, had published a shot in which she hugged her friends Aurora Ramazzotti and Sara Daniele. "Some nights you have some wound that some of your friends will disinfect," she wrote, quoting Ligabue.

During his adventure at the GF Vip, Federico never lacked his support for Paola. So much so that after the end of the reality show there was also talk of a possible wedding and the desire to form a family. On the other hand, Benjamin Mascolo, a former member of the duo Benji and Fede, will get married, who will swear eternal love to Bella Thorne, the actress he has been linked to for some time.

Paola Di Benedetto's message

Paola Di Benedetto's message

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