Paola Di Benedetto, there is an ex-student of 'Friends' behind the break with Federico

Paola Di Benedetto, there is an ex-student of 'Friends' behind the break with Federico

New rumors about the break between Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi

The break between Paola di Benedetto and Federico Rossi is now official, rumors attribute the end of the relationship to a betrayal by the singer.

Several weeks have passed since Hello Darwin's former Mother Nature, through her Instagram profile, announced the end of her relationship with Federico.

“When I see the lack of respect I am not there. Unfortunately, trusting is often useless "- with these words, the former shipwrecked man had leaked the suffering for the end of that love. Fans, after that statement, were convinced that there was a betrayal by Federico Rossi behind the farewell.

Despite the sweet and poignant love message of the duo singer Benji and Fede, published on his Instagram profile, no rapprochement for the couple is visible on the horizon.

The reason for the failure to rethink would be attributable to the very cause of the end of the relationship: Federico Rossi in fact, would have betrayed the Vicenza model. According to rumors revealed by the weekly Chi, the singer let himself go in the arms of a former protagonist of Amici.

It would have been Emma Muscat, participant of the last edition of the talent show of Maria De Filippi, the cause of the breakup of the couple.

The pop idol in fact, during a business trip to Malta, would have secretly met Muscat, spending a fiery night with the girl.
A betrayal discovered by the ex castaway, who promptly left her boyfriend.

From what we know, Emma has recently closed the relationship with the blonde rapper, known during her stay in Amici. Between the two, there was an intense and important relationship which, however, allowed him to remain friends. In fact, they decided to communicate to the fans, together, the end of their engagement.

Was Muscat really the cause of the break between Paola and Federico? For the moment, everything is silent and no confirmation or denial has been given by those directly concerned.

Paola and Federico together, before the breakup – Source Instagram

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