Paola Ferrari attacks Michelle Hunziker: "She has been offending for years"

Paola Ferrari attacks Michelle Hunziker: "She has been offending for years"

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

It's a war between Paola Ferrari, Michelle Hunziker and the Giass transmission. Ferrari had been offended by some jokes given during Ricci's program and had expressed its disappointment on Twitter. On the other hand, Hunziker had replied to the gossips who wanted her in crisis with Trussardi with an idyllic image on Facebook, commenting: "In response to those who love to mock a beautiful love …" What else to add? ".

At this point Ferrari has not seen us anymore and blurted out on Twitter: "The Hunziker takes offense X the satire on her … But how is it possible? From Nin to believe! She is Ricci's goddaughter who has offended people for years! … But like Michelle … after Eros Ramazzotti, Luigi DE LAURENTIIS And Trussardi is offended as well! Only his is love …. The others are a buggy? … Or the others have to endure insults, offenses, misleadings and keep quiet! She does not! Satire is valid for all beautiful Michelle! … Know my dear Followers, who are no longer willing to be insulted by certain peones of satire without responding as they deserve ".

Now we just have to wait for the Swiss showgirl to reply.

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