Paola Turani, the checkered mini jumpsuit that makes us feel like little girls again (with style)

Paola Turani, the checkered mini jumpsuit that makes us feel like little girls again (with style)

Paola Turani showed off on Instagram a checkered mini jumpsuit with a taste of the past, stylish and saucy: a look to copy

Paola Turani embraces the new forms after childbirth: the post on Instagram

Paola Turani embraces the new forms after childbirth: the post on Instagram

Paola Turani does not miss a shot in terms of look. The influencer, who recently became the mother of little Enea Francesco, shared a new post in which she shows us an outfit that takes us back in time. Cheeky, cheerful and perfect to make even a normal Sunday outing with friends or, why not, with the family special. Without a doubt to copy!

Paola Turani, the cheeky mini jumpsuit to copy

In the last post shared on Instagram, Paola Turani shows us the look she has chosen to spend Sunday with her two loves, her husband Riccardo Serpellini and little Enea Francesco. It takes very little to give a touch of joy to the ensemble and Paola’s mini jumpsuit is proof of this: a model with puffed sleeves and an old-style collar, with a row of small buttons that covers the entire length of the dress.

The short jumpsuit marks the waistline with a fake strap, but to give it that extra jaunty air is the fabric with small white and gray checks, ton sur ton with the bottom of the dress in a slightly darker shade. Black tights, a small black shoulder strap with a quilted effect and off you go: here is the perfect look that makes us feel like little girls again, skilfully combining comfort and style (which never hurts).

The splendid Paola Turani is a super model, used to wearing high fashion clothes and treading the most important red carpets in the world. But it teaches us how easy it is to allow yourself a pinch of extra comfort, without giving up being elegant and super feminine. How to do? Just combine the suit with a pair of boots with rubber soles (and without heels), just as you can see in the photo, adding a touch of red to the lips that stands out on the soft colors of the outfit, highlighting the look marked by a thread of eyeliner.

The model Paola Turani

Paola Turani with the checkered mini jumpsuit on Instagram

Paola Turani more beautiful than ever

The model and influencer recently became a mother and has accompanied us over the months on a long journey, made up of happy moments but also of difficulties then swept away by the awareness that when the greatest joy arrives there is no pain that holds. Post after post, Paola gives us a charge of energy and teaches us how important it is to accept and value oneself, even when our body undergoes changes and no longer responds to that ideal of “perfection” to which we aspire.

Paola Turani is more beautiful than ever, with a beauty that shines not only thanks to the looks worn, but above all from that look full of happiness and new awareness. Motherhood is something that changes you, not just physically. It is something that shows you the world from a new perspective. And it does so especially when having a child seems like an impossible undertaking, a dream that will never come true, just as happened to the splendid Paola who told about her obstacle course on social media, without filters or superficiality.

Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that we love her so much and that we do not stop following her days made up of commitments, work but also of small things. Those that, after all, make the difference and – for better or for worse – make everyone’s life truly special.

Paola Turani's Instagram

Paola Turani more and more beautiful on Instagram

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