Paola Turani, the story of childbirth: “How much strength we women have”

Paola Turani, the story of childbirth: "How much strength we women have"

The influencer told step by step the moment in which she gave birth to little Aeneas, born on 8 October

Paola Turani, the Italian supermodel star of Instagram is pregnant

Paola Turani had promised her followers that she would tell the moment of childbirth step by step. And so it was. Now that a few days have passed since the birth of her first child, Enea Francesco, the influencer kept his promise and shared what happened on 8 October, from the first contractions to the joy of finally having the baby in his arms.

The story of Paola Turani

“It all started at 6pm on Thursday, when I broke my waters, a few small contractions handled quietly with Veronica, my midwife, and then at 8pm (while my friend Melissa was massaging me to relieve the pain) the contractions always became stronger and closer ”, explains Paola Turani in her post, in which she shows herself together with her partner Ricky Serpella, married in July 2019.

“From 10 pm the peak of pain: on the sofa, lying with Gnome beside me watching me, trying to breathe following the pain, I burst into desperate tears. Meanwhile, Ricky was stocking up on ice, the only remedy that gave me relief. At 10.30 pm we get ready to go to the hospital. We arrive a few minutes before midnight, at 00.10 I was dilated by 5cm. At 00.20 there was not even time to do the epidural because I was already 10 cm and therefore ready for the thrusts. (Me: “Noo! It doesn’t work like that! And the epidural?”. Nothing. There is no time). And here is the most incredible part, a feeling that I will remember all my life with Ricky shouting Che shouting (but I shouted more): “Come on love, you can see your head, you’re almost there”.

The arrival of little Aeneas

Then finally the joy: “After about thirty-five minutes of pushing, with the song Meraviglioso amore mio in the background, Aeneas’ first cry and all pain disappeared (more or less). Mamma mia, what a power, the most painful and incredible experience at the same time! How much strength we women have in that moment ”, concluded the influencer remarking how powerful the moment was when she heard the voice of her baby, so long-awaited.

In fact, Paola had tried for years to have a child and had also shared with her fans the sadness and frustration of not being able to get pregnant. “The months that passed have become years – wrote Turani in the post -, (…) And this moment never came. There were months when I felt more sensitive and in pain. Months, however, in which I did not think about it. They have been tough months, it has been a psychological blow. How many tears have I shed “.

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