Party workout, the coolest way to spend Saturday nights

Party workout, the coolest way to spend Saturday nights

The boutique-gym is very popular: gyms equipped as discos where you can have fun, socialize and keep fit

Saturday night at the disco is out now: to have fun and socialize and, moreover, keep fit, the new trend is that of party workout. Until recently, no one would have thought that the maximum fun could be a session in the gym, yet the data speak for themselves: the coolest evening is the one between squats and lunges.

The trend was born in the US, it is depopulated in Great Britain and is preparing to conquer even Italy. More and more gyms are equipped as discos, complete with DJs and LED lights, which offer various types of workouts. And above all, more and more people prefer dance floor gear and energy drinks to alcoholic ones.

The boutique gym is equipped so that you can alternate training with relaxation. Not only training spaces, therefore, but also areas designed to relax and socialize. There is also a bar area, where obviously spirits are not offered, but water, centrifuges or energy drinks.

Instead of the pub crawl, that is the fashion of stopping in all the bars of the city until they can no longer be, now the sweat crawls are becoming popular. In practice, it is a matter of getting into training in various gyms, which provide 30-minute lessons of different types of training. After half an hour of spinning you can give yourself 30 minutes of yoga, then move on to pilates, crossfit and so on … as long as you feel like it and as long as your body will hold up.

Party workouts are not reserved for Saturday nights: you can take advantage of them any day of the week, at night or early in the morning, before going to work. Those who attend them ensure that you have fun as much as and more than at the disco, without the hassle of the hangover the next day. Are you ready to spend a crazy night in the gym?

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