Pashmina: what it is and how to wear it well

Pashmina: what it is and how to wear it well

The pashmina is one of the most used accessories, especially during the winter: here is everything you need to know about this garment and how to wear it elegantly

Many will surely have heard of the pashmina several times. But what is it precisely? The pashmina is nothing more than a scarf or shawl made of soft wool that has increasingly taken hold in current fashion and that has become a real must, especially in the coldest period of the year. In reality, this type of scarf owes its name to a particular type of very thin wool, known as pashmina. It is obtained from the inner coat of Himalayan goats and is a variety of cashmere wool.

Since ancient times the pashmina has represented an extremely fine and elegant piece of clothing that can be used on the most important occasions. Over the centuries it has increasingly become a characterizing element of the fashion of India, exported all over the world. There are so many qualities on the market: it goes from the typical pashmina in very thin wool, to even those of cotton and those, even more valuable in linen. All are characterized by considerable dimensions that could cause problems especially when worn.

Unlike the classic scarves, therefore, the pashmina is longer and with greater dimensions: this is why the way of wearing it will certainly be different. Furthermore, it is not a peculiar article of women's fashion, but increasingly part of the men's fashion. It is possible to wear a pashmina like a real scarf around the neck, ideal especially in winter to keep the neck warm and the throat protected from the cold.

Not only that, in fact the pashmina can also be worn as a cloak or bolero on the most elegant clothes: especially indicated for models in linen or cashmere wool, and therefore highly prized. Adaptable to many dresses, from the sheath to the spring or autumn ceremony dresses. Furthermore, you can create an authentic trendy outerwear. In this case it is advisable to use colored or scratched brooches to attach to a shoulder so as to make it very elegant.
Choosing the pashmina as an accessory to match your look can thus become a very simple and above all economic solution for everyone.

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