Patrizia Reggiani against Lady Gaga: "She didn't want to know me"

Patrizia Reggiani against Lady Gaga: "She didn't want to know me"

Patrizia Reggiani against Lady Gaga, who plays her in "House of Gucci". Her lawyer: "The lady expected him to meet her and contact her"

Incredible Lady Gaga Lady Gucci in the film about the most heinous murder in fashion

House of Gucci, or the last awaited film by Ridley Scott on the history of the Florentine fashion house, focused on the heinous crime that upset its foundations, that of Maurizio Gucci, then President, commissioned by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani, crazy about the idea that he could rebuild a life with his new partner and have other heirs. The set of the film, which is being shot in Italy, is monopolizing general attention, because it has armored first Rome and then Milan (now they are shooting in the mountains, in Gressoney) but above all because it sees the presence in the cast of the super star Lady Gaga , in the very shoes of the instigator of the murder, Patrizia Reggiani.

The similarity between the singer and the former Lady Gucci is striking, as can be seen from the photos posted by Gaga herself on Instagram. Black wig, short and teased hair, as used in the 1980s, small and shapely body like that of Patrizia, features not regular but endowed with great charm, it really seems, seeing those images, to go back over the years. Adam Driver, the actor chosen to play Maurizio Gucci, is also incredibly similar.

The rumor on social media and newspapers has been continuous these days, and has also reached the real Patrizia Reggiani, who today lives alone (her daughters don't want to know anything about her), far from the spotlight and from the media hype. But Patrizia did not like the fact that the star did not contact her, nor wanted to meet her, before assuming her identity on the set.

“Mrs Reggiani is very embittered, dozens of trucks from the production of the film starring Lady Gaga have invaded Milan, via Palestro, the Statale and now also Montenapoleone and she knows nothing about it. And it hasn't received any kind of contact from the production ”. To say this, in Telelombardia, is Daniele Pizzi, Patrizia's lawyer.

"Mrs. Reggiani is honored that she is played by an actress of Lady Gaga's caliber, but she expected that Lady Gaga would go to meet the woman she plays on the set".

21 years have passed since that terrible crime, Reggiani spent 17 in prison (she was sentenced to 26 years in prison), but evidently she has not yet lost the desire for leadership that has always dominated her life.

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