Patti Smith, singer: biography and curiosity

Patti Smith is a famous singer from the United States. In addition to being an icon of 70s rock, this artist is also a renowned poet

Patti Smith was born on December 30, 1946 in Chicago. This famous singer is also known for being a great poet. During his intense career as a musician, Patti Smith has become a true symbol of 70s rock. The singer was among the leading exponents of the punk genre and the "New wave". To stand out was his gritty personality, as well as his extravagance and originality, thanks to which he conquered and bewitched the public. Not only that, in addition to her artistic skills, the lyrics of her songs with a strong influence also stand out, so much so that the singer was nicknamed "Maudite priestess of rock". Patti Smith led to a real revolution in the world of music. Thanks to her extraordinary success, this rock star was ranked 47th in the list of the hundred "best artists" by the magazine "Rolling Stone". Patti Smith made her musical debut at the age of 28. Initially she dedicated herself to some simple poems combined with various sounds. After that he started collaborating with various guitarists to make some singles until he produced his first album with "John Cale". The disc, entitled "Horses", was immediately a huge success, especially for the singer's exceptional voice, characterized by a gritty timbre combined with its typical poetic peculiarity.

This particularity meant that many compared her to "Jim Morrison" and Bob Dylan. To make everything even more unique is the sound, characterized by a mixture of rock and electronics, for some resembling punk which with the debut of various British groups and the "Sex Pistols" has been defined differently. With the release of "Radio Ethiopia", "Easter", and "Wave" Patti Smith is considered a real icon of this new revolutionary genre, that is a rock with new and original shades, which fascinates and amazes immediately music critics, while climbing the heights of the world charts. After obtaining this distinct reputation, the singer dedicates herself to various tours including some Italian stages that have been surprisingly successful thanks to about seventy thousand spectators. Following this period full of concerts and musical projects, the singer amazes the public when she declares to withdraw from the world of music. At the same time, he marries his partner "Fred Sonic", a member of the band "MC5". Smith also wrote a song for him called "Frederick". From their marriage two children were born, a boy and a girl. In the late eighties, it was the turn of the album "Dream Of Life".

The disc gets positive results, but does not reach the same success compared to previous masterpieces. However, his main singles stand out, including the famous "People Have The Power", an authentic song of praise for freedom. Years of further success followed, until a real turning point occurred with the arrival of the 90s, a period in which there was a clear change of direction. Patti Smith is facing a stormy period, characterized by the loss of a member of the band and his brother. The situation worsened further due to the death of the singer's husband, who died of a heart attack. Smith does not give up: she decides to return to the world of music to devote herself to new projects. He completes the realization of the disk "Gone Again", suspended for a long time. The following years saw her constantly engaged in multiple musical productions and numerous performances in various parts of the world. However, his lyrics focus on the nostalgia, pains and difficulties of the planet. Various references refer to "Mother Teresa", "Vietnam" and the legend "Ho Chi Minh".

To the latter, Patti Smith dedicated the album "Gung Ho". Among the unpublished albums is "Trampin '", known for the brief appearance of the daughter of the singer. His new half is "Oliver Ray" with which Patti has produced new singles, including "Radio Baghdad". The passage tells of a mother who sings the "lullaby" to her child in Iraq during the devastation caused by the war. He also collaborated with "R.E.M." for the song "E-Bow the Letter", a real homage to "River Phoenix", who died in the early nineties. For his 30th anniversary from his first "Horses" album, Patti Smith has created an additional edition containing the various songs from the live of the "Royal Festival Hall". A stage follows in Turin in 2006, in which the singer performed for free at "Piazza Castello" during the "Winter Olympics". The following year he participated in the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" while 12 months later he collaborated with two renowned Italian artists, namely "Francesco Renga" and "Irene Grandi" for the song entitled "Birima" in favor of some humanitarian organizations . In the following years he collaborated again with the band "R.E.M." for the song "Blue" contained in the album "Collapse into Now". Patti Smith got a small part in the television series "Criminal Intent", in the episode entitled "Icarus". The artist also collaborated with the group "Marlene Kuntz" in Sanremo 2012 with the song "Impressioni di settembre" and his famous song "Because the Night". Still with the latter musical phenomenon, Smith participated in the broadcast "The Voice of Italy" in which she performed alongside great Italian artists including Piero Pelù and Raffaella Carrà.

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