Pausini's looks: soap and water for a sophisticated woman

Pausini's looks: soap and water for a sophisticated woman

All the looks by Laura Pausini

Twenty years and a few little things condensed into a production that gathers unpublished, resuscitations, very classic of its wide repertoire. The almost forty year old Laura Pausini is a bit like the involuntary narrator of 20 seasons of Italian melody made for an audience that needs to be reassured, with patterns and movements of that typical locality that some critics snobby and others consider a world heritage to be mixed. with more refined music.

Laura has been there, always and in any case, in these last 20 years, intoning with a voice, of rare power and volume, words set to music specially for her, for those characteristics that have made her the queen of melodic pop, with all the traits more recognizable and reassuring, less orthodox then for qaunto concerns the production machine.

His look was equally studied: from a good girl in the Romagna province to the Sanremo 1993 to the most sophisticated and, why not, glamorous image that has raged in recent years, the Pausini company has from time to time joined well-known designers and image editors who have upset the identity of the eighteen year old who is a bit anachronistic. And a little pudgy, worry that evidently forced her to repeated diets immortalized, with every cycle, with glossy covers with an excessive systematicity perhaps beyond the due. As a mother (Paola, her daughter was born after a long wait), she is given the umpteenth package of successes, interviews, press conference, presentations.

It's the showbiz, beauty. Even if your name is Pausini.

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