Peachy look: how to make it happen

Peachy look: how to make it happen

Perfect as a summer make-up, the peachy look is simple to recreate but with a versatile and glamorous result. Here's all you need to know to make it happen

The peachy eyeshadow, or peach color, is having its golden moment: present in many of the eye palettes that came out in the last period, it is the perfect color for your summer looks. The various shades of peach are bright, fun, cheerful and versatile. Depending on the colors you choose to mix, you can achieve a perfect neutral look for day makeup or a darker and more lively smokey for your evening makeup. If the idea of ​​peachy look intrigues you but you don't know where to start, here are all the steps to follow for a perfect result.

Peachy look: Step 1 – The base

Before dipping the brushes in the various eye shadows it is good to even out the base to cover imperfections and give brightness to your face. In summer we tend not to use heavy foundation but light products with a luminous finish, like a BB cream, or simply you can use a concealer where you see imperfections to correct. Fix foundation and concealer with face powder and switch to contouring. Based on your face shape, create a play of light and shadow to highlight the features of your face. Finally, if you feel it necessary, define the eyebrows with a special pencil or gel and fix everything with eyebrow mascara.

Peachy look: Step 2 – Eyeshadow

Spread the primer on the eyelids to create a uniform and neutral base on which to work your colors. At this point, based on the type of look you want to create, choose the first color you want to apply: if you want to recreate a simple, daytime look, spread a light peach color over your entire eyelid, focusing your attention on the inside eye. Then, lay a slightly darker peach color on the outside and in the crease of the eye to create dimension to your look. Finally, apply a little bit of eye shadow under the lower line in the eye. If you want to apply eyeliner this is the time to do it, otherwise make your eyelashes volumize with your favorite mascara.

For a more intense smokey eye, perfect for an evening look, start to place a transition color in the crease of the eye, that is a shade of eye shadow that helps you to create a gradual shade between the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid. Once shaded, spread the shade of peach you prefer on the eyelid and blend it into the outer corner of the eye with a darker peach color to create a perfect smokey eye: if you want to add an extra touch to your look you can add it to the interior eyes a golden eyeshadow, which matches perfectly both with the peach color and with your summer tan. Once the colors are well shaded, stretch the eyeliner or finish your look with a generous pass of mascara.

Peachy look: Step 3 – The final touch

A peachy look is not such if you do not spread blush, obviously peach-colored, on the cheeks. And in order not to distract attention from the color you have on your eyes, choose a nude lipstick, tending to peach, to finish off your makeup.

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