Pechino Express: "Tina Cipollari and Lory Del Santo protagonists"

Costantino della Gherardesca speaks of Beijing Express, confirming that Tina Cipollari and Lory Del Santo will be protagonists

Tina Cipollari and Lory Del Santo will be the great protagonists of Pechino Express. This was confirmed by the presenter Costantino Della Gherardesca, who released some statements about the new edition of the show that will be broadcast today, September 12th, on Rai Due. The first episode will be broadcast at 21.10, for a total of ten episodes, during which we will see the competitors grappling with trials to overcome and moments of difficulty.

8 couples will compete to win Beijing Express, in an edition that according to Costantino Della Gherardesca will be "bad and fun". It starts from Colombia, where the competitors will be presented. From there the couples will begin their journey by moving to Guatemala and Mexico. According to the presenter, women will be the ones to make people talk. In particular, Lory Del Santo and Tina Cipollari. "Italy has never had a rock star outside of Lory Del Santo," he said, speaking of the soubrette. higher than the film productions that come out of Rome by 95% ".

Tina Cipollari, on the other hand, will surprise the Beijing Express audience with her energy: "We have never seen her outside a television studio. She is very nice, overbearing and very strong physically. You'll see. " Another surprise could be the not-famous Silvia Farina, who is part of the pair of strangers. "Silvia cannot yet count on an audience that supports her, but she has a magnetic stage presence," said the conductor speaking of her "Like Mike Bongiorno".

In short, according to the previews of Costantino Della Gherardesca, this year too Beijing Express will be able to give great emotions to the spectators. It will certainly be the women's edition with Silvia Farina, Tina Cipollari and Lory del Santo as protagonists of the adventure. Who will win? We'll see.

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