Pectorals, arms, shoulders: training for the upper part – Video

“The part high of the body (pectorals, arms, shoulders) is an area that, especially women, tend to neglect in the gym “, explains Silvia Mazzoni, personal trainer of New Gym by Marconi in Segrate (Milan). The reason why? “They fear becoming too much muscled ». But it is a mistake: «In order for the program to turn out full must always involve the whole body, both for the well-being of health and for an aesthetic factor, as it allows the body to develop in a harmonious», The expert points out.

The workout

Our expert has developed a workout called 7 Minutes Upper Body. «This is a toning program dedicated to the part superior of the body, ”he explains. It includes 11 free body exercises to be performed for 30 seconds, interspersed with short ones breaks and, in some cases, followed by a called position Child’s poseuseful for stretching the lats and taking a little breath.

“If you can’t keep the rhythmbetween one movement and another, take the time you need for to retrieveContinues the expert. You can start by doing just one set and, as you get better trained, repeat it many times.

What it takes

“Clothing comfortable and a mat, to avoid hurting your knees. But you remember to add a training for the legs and buttocks », recommends the expert.