Pedron and Biaggi closer and closer: the former together at Mugello

Pedron and Biaggi closer and closer: the former together at Mugello

Eleonora Pedron and Max Biaggi return to smile together, between smiles and complicity at Mugello

A great love that could return and two ex closer and closer: Eleonora Pedron and Max Biaggi appeared accomplices and smiling at Mugello.

The former Miss Italy has in fact decided to support the father of her children, present at the MotoGP with her team. 36 years old she, 47 he, Eleonora and Max have been linked for over ten years. A great love ended abruptly, from which Leon and Inés were born. Despite the separation, Pedron and Biaggi managed to rebuild a peaceful relationship for the sake of their children and, today more than ever, they are very close.

After the end of the love story with Bianca Atzei, Max Biaggi no longer had any flirtation, while Eleonora Pedron gave little end to the relationship with the Hyena Nicolò De Devitiis. Both are single and many hope for a flashback.

"It was not easy for me to decide to put an end to a relationship in which I had believed so much" Pedron had revealed some time ago to the weekly Oggi.

To rekindle the gossip are the shots published on Instagram by the ex in which they are happy and accomplices in the Mugello box. In their respective profiles they appear serene, while having lunch, sitting next to each other, in the company of some friends. Then Eleonora follows the race together with Ariadna Romero, while Max chats with friends Emis Killa and Edoardo Leo. The atmosphere, from what we learn from the shots and videos, is rather relaxed, as if the relationship between the two had never changed.

Just a few weeks ago the couple met again to celebrate little Inés' first communion. "Life brings and brings" wrote Pedron, commenting on the family reunion. A message that suggests that the model's heart can open again to love, perhaps to that for Max Biaggi, who was the most important man in his life.

Eleonora Pedron at Mugello – Source: Instagram

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