Penelope Cruz, from the catwalks to everyday life: here is the report card of the looks!

Penelope Cruz, from the catwalks to everyday life: here is the report card of the looks!

The beautiful Spanish actress has an irresistible charm and knows how to be decidedly glamorous: have I always promoted her?

I personally love Penelope Cruz. Not so much for a matter of style (even if I like it), but for the fact that it is tiny, with a sweet air, but with a lioness character and a caterpillar decision! As for his looks, he always stands out for sobriety and elegance. He never shows off, never exaggerates and knows how to make the most of himself, even with regards to make-up. Let's see then my report card of some of his most recent looks.

Penelope Cruz, report card of the look: red carpet

In the photo below, the simple dress with a slightly bucolic taste is great with hair and make-up left very natural. I also like the choice of high sandal. The only drawback: he could have chosen a little more strong. Rating 7.

At a charity event – source Ansa

For the Cannes photocall, Penelope is very elegant. The neckline looks very good on her, black is a color that gives her and I find the choice of loose hair and small jewels very appropriate … but that sort of veil applied to the back of the skirt makes the stage collapse! Rated 7 (because it is very fine anyway!).

At a charity event in Madrid – source Ansa

What to say here? Perfect! Trench coat open with nonchalance, striped shirt with white collar, jeans, little make-up and a few jewels: practically a style bible to copy en bloc! This kind of look is what always makes me think that in the end it takes very little to be elegant: a pair of jeans, a shirt, a raincoat. They can be signed or not, it doesn't matter: what matters is the elegance with which you wear them. And Penelope has plenty to sell. Rated 10.

Visiting Genoa – Ansa source

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