Perfect breakfast in the summer: 10 tips from the nutritionist

Perfect breakfast in the summer: 10 tips from the nutritionist

Breakfast is an essential meal, even more so in summer. Here is the decalogue of the nutritionist

Breakfast: essential meal in all seasons. And therefore also in the summer, when with the highest temperatures one must have some foresight.

The nutritionist biologist Valeria Del Balzo, of the University La Sapienza of Rome, has compiled ten rules to make every day start at its best. Every season needs specific feeding and therefore during the hottest periods it is best not to overdo it, pay attention to fatty foods and have a good supply of liquids.

According to a survey by the Doxa-AIDEPi Observatory "I start well" (portal where the handbook was published and campaign to promote the value of "good" breakfast) are 23 million Italians on a diet. But there are many mistakes that are made during the most important meal of the day. One in two, for example, thinks a protein breakfast is better. 56 percent believe that carbohydrates should be avoided. The percentage of those who believe that eliminating cow's milk can lead to benefits amounts to 42 percent.

So, in order not to make mistakes, and starting off every day on the right foot here is the nutritionist's decalogue.

  • Never skip breakfast. An advice that goes well in every season, but that in summer is even more valuable because it can offer a good supply of liquids. Furthermore, skipping breakfast contributes to weight gain.
  • Lightness and digestibility are the key words for the summer: the right mix? Carbohydrates, milk or yogurt, fruit.
  • Yes for a sweet Italian breakfast: cookies, bread, rusks, muesli or baked goods are fine. Our breakfast model responds better to the need to balance energy intake, calories and taste.
  • Freshness also in drinks. Fresh milk (with or without coffee) can be consumed that contains water, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts. But also yogurt, fruit juices with no added sugar or tea.
  • Never without fruit: summer is the best time to introduce this good habit because it brings fiber, mineral salts, vitamins, polyphenols and water. Wrong to limit yourself. Only one fruit when one is on a diet, a choice considered correct by 28 percent of the Italians interviewed, but it is not enough.
  • Eye to the buffets: when you are at the hotel, try to limit the gluttony. A rule could be to taste a dessert a day. It is important not to mix sweet and salty and not to choose too fatty foods.
  • Holiday at the seaside; don't get heavy. A light breakfast is very important. For those who love savory, bread with tomato is perfect.
  • In the mountains, thanks to long walks, you can opt for a richer breakfast.
  • In the city you should not, however, fall into the error of a breakfast – lunch with a binge in the morning. Better not to skip meals and not weigh down.
  • Take the right time. Breakfast on vacation can become a moment of sharing for the whole family, but also to experiment with new foods and introduce healthy habits
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