Perfect complexion with BB Glow semi-permanent foundation

donna trattamento estetico viso BB Glow fondotinta semipermanente

The semi-permanent foundation exists and it is not a dream: discover the BB Glow treatment for always perfect skin

BB Glow is a semi-permanent foundation that has been around for a few years but is not much talked about yet. It is a treatment invented in Korea, the capital of innovation in the skincare and beauty field. Just think of the Korean skincare routine, the products that come out periodically and the skin of Korean women, which has always been smooth, perfect, toned, compact and maniacally treated from an early age.


  • What is BB Glow: an aesthetic and cosmetic treatment
  • A single session is not enough, but the effects can be seen immediately
  • In which cases it is better not to perform the BB Glow treatment
  • Here are the steps of the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment
  • Some small things to do at home after the treatment

What is BB Glow: an aesthetic and cosmetic treatment

Hence, to have a perfect complexion even as soon as you wake up, it is from Korea that BB Glow arrives, that is a semi-permanent foundation yes, but also a beneficial aesthetic treatment for the skin. A cocktail of active ingredients is mixed with pigments that are applied to the skin thanks to the microneedling technique. The result is an even facial skin, redness, small scars and reduced wrinkles and coverage of discolorations and small spots.

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But it not only acts aesthetically going, so to speak, to correct any imperfections or small defects, because it also works from a cosmetic point of view thanks to the boosters and active ingredients that are absorbed by the skin more deeply thanks to the micro needles that, resting on the skin, convey such ingredients. The microneedling, then, increases the production of collagen because the skin to regenerate itself from these micro punctures is naturally led to produce more of it.

Collagen is a natural protein that is naturally generated by our body but which, with age, tends to decrease in quantity and production. This is why this type of aesthetic treatment, if performed by professionals, not only has immediate and visible effects, but also acts in the long term.

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A single session is not enough, but the effects can be seen immediately

The dream of waking up with a perfect complexion and always wearing a natural make-up but that is not seen, has therefore become reality with the semi-permanent foundation BB Glow but, alas, it is certainly not eternal. It takes several sessions to see the final result and the duration is then a few months before having to undergo the treatment again. The effects are certainly immediate because the pigments deposited on the skin are immediately visible but to make them more lasting, cumulative sessions are needed, about two weeks apart.

It takes at least 2 to 5 sessions to then live on an income of about 2 to 6 months. The result and the timing obviously change for each individual case and type of skin, but surely for some time you can forget about the foundation, saving time in the morning and gaining self-esteem, for those who suffer from small imperfections that own cannot accept.

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In which cases it is better not to perform the BB Glow treatment

Before undergoing the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment it is obviously necessary to perform a test to highlight any allergies or skin reactions, especially since we are talking about substances that are injected thanks to very small needles, so it is better to avoid risks. In any case, the semi-permanent foundation BB Glow is contraindicated in case of acne and cystic acne, eczema and erythema, psoriasis, open wounds, herpes or other infections in an active phase or if you are prone to the formation of keloids.

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Here are the steps of the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment

First of all, the skin must be removed, thoroughly cleansed and the layer of dead cells must be eliminated. Make-up remover and peeling are therefore the first two steps of the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment to prepare the face, neck and décolleté. After exfoliating the skin and eliminating dead cells, it is necessary to use a cleanser or foam that neutralizes the peeling acids, restoring the correct PH of the skin, thus preparing it for the actual treatment.

After choosing the shade of pigments and creating the perfect mix for your complexion, these are mixed with vitamins and serums chosen according to the type of skin and the effects you want to achieve. These substances are then conveyed into the skin with the Dermapen, a sort of pen with a sterile disposable head on the end of which very small needles are inserted. They are the ones who make the treatment similar to microneedling and thus manage to make the active ingredients and pigments penetrate under the superficial layers of the skin.

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Despite the needles, do not worry: it is an absolutely painless treatment, at most you feel a tingling sensation in the first moments. Furthermore, the duration of the treatment in the cabin is about an hour, so not too long, but in any case we proceed first with half the face and then with the remaining part.

Some small things to do at home after the treatment

After finishing the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment, soothing creams are applied to reduce any redness, swelling or a few small bruises, completely natural effects that may appear after the session. It is necessary to give the skin time to regenerate itself from the micro abrasion, producing the much desired collagen.

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However, it is important to take care of the skin well even at home after the treatment, using specific and non-aggressive products and avoiding washing the face for at least 24 hours. Not only that, for the following days it is forbidden to perform peelings, scrubs or apply makeup for at least 4/5 days. It would also be better to avoid doing sports that make you sweat, such as the gym or running but also swimming to avoid prolonged contact with water. It is better to perform the BB Glow semi-permanent foundation treatment in this colder season, certainly not in summer because direct sun, sauna or sun beds should be avoided for at least 14 days.

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As already mentioned, the effect of BB Glow can be perceived from the first application but from 2 to 5/6 sessions are necessary to obtain results that last a few months, then slowly disappearing without the need for new removal treatments and without the skin suddenly finds itself changed. It simply decreases the effect of even skin in a completely gradual way.

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