Perfect Guacamole? Prepare it by following these tricks

Perfect Guacamole?  Prepare it by following these tricks

Find out how to make a simply perfect guacamole thanks to some very simple tricks.

Guacamole is one of those condiments that everyone loves and that is well suited to accompany dishes of all kinds. In addition to being one of the mainstays of Mexican cuisine it is in fact a good way to start an aperitif or to accompany snacks based on chips or leavened products.

guacamole tricks

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It is, therefore, one of those preparations that it is always good to learn how to make. First of all because of its really pleasant taste and, immediately after, why present it at the table always makes a good impression. If you have already committed yourself to this but with poor results, do not worry. Today, in fact, we will reveal to you what are the tricks to be able to count on a perfect guacamole.

Guacamole: the tricks to learn for a perfect result

Let’s start by saying that guacamole has very ancient origins and that once it was made only with three ingredients which were avocado, lime and salt.

guacamole tricks

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Over the centuries, the recipe has been improving more and more until it reaches today’s one. However, this does not mean losing contact with the origins. Remember that it is possible arrive at different variations it is in fact a good way to experiment and taste something that is always super. And all without forgetting the essential tricks to create a good recipe.

Choosing the right ripe avocado

The main ingredient of this recipe is avocado and it is therefore to him that the utmost attention must be paid. In fact, this exotic fruit changes flavor and structure according to the degree of ripeness. For a good guacamole it is important that it is ripe at the right point and that it is soft (but not too much) and sweet (without exaggerating). If too far behind or too mature, the result could be compromised.

Mashing avocado with a fork is one of the tricks for guacamole

Another secret that always concerns avocado is the one related to how to mash it.
Doing it with a fork will lead to a rougher result but more like the original one. Obviously, in this case, a lot depends on the taste. If you want to amaze everyone, also rattling off history pills on this preparation, you could however opt to do everything by hand and with as few ingredients as possible. You will certainly not go unnoticed.


The final trick for this all in all simple preparation? Dare! Don’t stop at guacamole necessarily with tomato or fixed ingredients. Remember its origins and opt for always different versions. You can make it with just peppers, with the addition of yogurt or even with the three main ingredients. After all, the meaning of the word guacamole is avocado sauce. And this implies that the only ingredient you should never omit is avocado. For everything else you can let yourself be guided by inspiration.

Now that you have learned the most important tricks for making an excellent guacamole, you just need to learn how to cut avocado in the right way to obtain a sauce that is beautiful to look at and delicious to taste. All in a simple and fun way. And best of all, it’ll keep you looking good while you taste something good.

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