Perfect whipped cream even in summer? Here are the tricks that will help you

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Find out how to get a simply perfect whipped cream even in summer, thanks to a few tricks. The result will be super!

Those who love sweets know well that in summer, there are greater unknowns than in the winter season. Whipped cream, for example, is one of these. If even in winter it may be normal that it does not come as you wish or that it disassembles at the most beautiful moment, these road accidents, which usually happen rarely, after all, in the summer they end up becoming more frequent. And this, even despite the many efforts that are made to avoid it.

perfect whipped cream tricks

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Fortunately, however, there are some tricks that once learned can make a difference by bringing the whipped cream to come as good and firm as in the coldest months of the year. And all for desserts that will be as good as ever.

How to get the perfect whipped cream thanks to a few tricks

If you too have often found yourself in the position of having to give up a dessert with cream due to an unpleasant result of the latter, you have come to the right place.

perfect whipped cream tricks

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Today, in fact, We will reveal some of the tricks that will allow you to count on a whipped cream as unique and firm as you would like. That is the perfect result for sweets to be admired and tasted.

Always use only cold cream from the fridge

The first trick to follow may seem obvious but it is followed much less than it should. The whipping cream must in fact be cold from the fridge. No, so the emergency cream bought and used immediately after taking it from the store. Doing so will compromise the result. At the same time it is advisable to keep it in the fridge until a moment before using it. In fact, in summer, even five minutes can make the difference. Having said that, since we are on the subject, always try to keep the cream cool even during transport home. This way you will avoid mishaps such as having to buy it back because it went bad during the journey.

Chilling all the tools is one of the tricks for perfect whipped cream

Yes, also keeping the bowl in which you choose to mount it cold and cool the whips are important tricks that should always be followed and especially in the summer season. In doing so, in fact, you can count on a constantly cold cream that does not risk heating up in contact with the processing tools. This will allow you to be able to count on a safer and above all lasting result. And it will make your cream even softer, firmer and tastier.

Keep the freshly whipped cream in the fridge

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is to whip the cream so that it appears very firm and keep it immediately in the fridge. Also in this case thein fact, at cold temperatures it represents the only lifeline for an extremely delicate but also infinitely good confectionery product. By always keeping the temperatures low and working to prevent the cream from undergoing sudden changes from cold to hot, you will prevent it from falling apart shortly after or becoming unusable for your desserts.

Now that you have learned the tricks to always put in place when you decide to make a whipped cream in the height of summer, you can count on much safer and more rewarding results. Exactly as it happened after learning the tricks to make an iced coffee as good as at the bar.

In fact, these are the ones that will make your desserts even more beautiful to look at (and photograph) and, needless to say, extremely good to taste. Desserts that will make you want to continue using cream regardless of the climate. Which, thanks to what you have learned, will no longer be a problem.

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