Perfect white teeth with cold water and electric toothbrush: tricks of the stars

Perfect white teeth with cold water and electric toothbrush: tricks of the stars

The celeb dentist reveals the 10 golden rules for having a smile-proof mouth. Just a little: floss, baking soda and no high temperatures

Star teeth: before and after treatment

Having healthy white teeth is not simply a matter of beauty. Far from being exclusively an aesthetic factor, it has important repercussions on the health of the organism. Not only is the mouth one of the main vehicles of bacteria, but tooth decay is also linked to more serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore oral hygiene is essential. There are some tricks, to be followed easily every day, that allow us to have healthy and beautiful teeth without too much effort. These are the same tips that the dentist Richard Marques gives to many of his patients, to have a smile-proof mouth. First, pay attention to the temperature of the water that must be cold. Even if those with sensitive gums can use warm water. But high temperatures are strictly forbidden because it damages the bristles of the toothbrush and can cause burns inside the mouth.

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The 10 golden rules of Dr. Marques, also known as "The king of the smile" are:

  • Using the electric toothbrush allows you to clean more deeply without brushing your teeth too violently;
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed. Brush them for two minutes, but no more than three minutes to avoid consuming the enamel;
  • Clean the spaces between one tooth and the other using dental floss or brush. The formation of tartar will be avoided;
  • Use the toothbrush correctly. It is always better than the electric one, but if you prefer the manual one, you have to tilt it by 45 degrees and make circular movements over the entire dental surface;
  • Apply the right pressure: rubbing with too much force risks ruining the tooth enamel, but if you brush too gently you cannot remove the plaque properly;
  • Brushing between bleeding gums: although it can be painful, it is important to disinfect them and make them healthy;
  • Use a non-alcoholic mouthwash after each wash;
  • Rinse the mouth with coconut oil: it helps to remove plaque and bacteria;
  • Carefully use whitening toothpastes, better to use natural products such as bicarbonate;
  • Go to the dentist periodically: it is good every 6 months to do a tooth cleaning to remove all the impurities and do a mouth check.
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