Perfume, cologne, eau de toilette: what are the differences?

Sometimes we use these terms as synonyms, but in reality the world of perfumes and fragrances is multi-faceted. Discover the differences

The world of perfumery is fascinating and complex. Every year the master perfumers create new fragrances by mixing precious and refined ingredients. Wearing one of them means adding an extra touch to your charm, an effect that can last for hours if you apply it in the right places.

But what are the differences between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau fraiche and eau de cologne? The terms are many, but the classification is extremely simple. A fragrance is created by adding aromatic bases – which can be of vegetable or animal origin – to a combination of alcohol and water. It is the concentration of the aromatic bases to differentiate the different products. Here is a mini guide to distinguish them.

Perfume or extract

The perfume – also called "extract" – is the most concentrated form of fragrance. In this product the concentration of aromatic bases in alcohol can reach 30%. It is often composed of warm notes like precious or sensual woods like white musk or ambergris. It is the product that lasts longer on the skin, and it is also the most expensive due to its composition.

Eau de parfum

Unlike perfume, eau de parfum has a concentration of fragrances in alcohol that is around 15-20%. Its effect is slightly less persistent and the price is also lower.

Eau de toilette

It is perhaps the most common product in our cosmetic bags. The eau de toilette is distinguished by a concentration of essence between 5 and 8% compared to alcohol and is more discreet once worn. Who creates it pays particular attention to the top notes, often using sparkling scents such as citrus or marine aromas.

Eau fraiche

In the ea ea fraiche there is a percentage of essence compared to the alcohol still lower than in the eau de toilette, generally 3%. It is a very delicate and decidedly feminine product, indicated above all in the warm season to give a touch of freshness and vitality to the skin. The eae fraiche is much loved by sportsmen, who love their discretion.

Eau de cologne

The alcohol content in the eau de cologne is very low, it can vary between 2 and 5%, so it is perfect to be rubbed on the body. This is why it is used essentially by men as an aftershave tonic. L'eau de cologne is linked to a concept of masculine well-being that adds a touch of charm to the human beauty routine.

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