Perfumery tester, hidden dangers and damage to health

Are you among the people who use various testers in perfumery and cosmetic shops to find the product that best suits your needs? Warning, they could be dangerous.

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The alarm from the United States: researchers warn against using testers in cosmetic stores, since this practice exposes health risks.

Available to all customers, the testers could actually carry bacteria and viruses from one person to another. There is a particular risk of inheriting cold sores or eye infections. The lipstick, gloss, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner testers can in fact be contaminated by those who have used it previously.

The news has recently come back into vogue due to the complaint of an American woman who accused an important cosmetic company of having contracted cold sores by testing the lipstick tester inside a store of the company's chain In reality, a 2010 study conducted by American researchers on testers had already highlighted the presence of a high percentage of viruses and bacteria on the samples available to customers in perfumeries to try the products before buying them.

The risks of lip testers
Herpes simplex is easily transmitted by sharing glasses, wipes and lipsticks, which is why applying a sample of lipstick or gloss previously used by a person affected by the virus on the lips can be dangerous. Moreover, the virus can remain latent for a long time, so contamination can occur in a completely unconscious way since, since there are no obvious manifestations, it is not suspected of having herpes. The virus can only survive for a short time outside the body, but if you are in hot and humid environments (think of a crowded shop on days and at peak times), it can resist even a few hours, thus increasing the risk of contagion .

The risks of eye testers
Not only lipsticks, eye pencil, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow sponges are also a vehicle for bacteria that can then cause conjunctivitis and other eye infections that easily pass from one person to another.

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