Perfumes for women: where to apply them to make them last longer

Perfumes for women: where to apply them to make them last longer

Perfume is a style figure often underestimated: here are the tricks to make it last long on your skin

Do you ever go out of your favorite fragrance without a breath? If you want to accompany you throughout the day, it is essential to know where to apply the perfume to make it last longer. The neck, near the ears and the wrists are the "classics", but limiting oneself to these points is an understatement: there are many possibilities to choose from to obtain a delicate and lasting effect.

Holding the bottle 10 to 15 centimeters apart, it nebulizes the perfume near the ankles, calves or behind the knees: throughout the day the aroma will accompany you in a discreet and pleasant way. Also the navel or the nape are new points but to experiment, as well as the elbows. If you have chosen a fresh fragrance for the summer, try spreading a brush on your brush to add an extra touch to your hair. Do you go to the classic applying the scent on your wrists? Don't make the mistake of rubbing them against each other: compromise the duration and flatten the effect.

Are you preparing for a special evening? The best time to apply the perfume is after the shower: the skin is warm and moist, two perfect features to fix the bouquet. In the morning, instead, try this trick: spread a bit of talcum powder on the skin before the perfume: it will capture it releasing the fragrance throughout the day.

In summer the eau de toilette is too intense, but don't you want to abandon your favorite perfume? Many brands market fragrances also in the form of shower gel or moisturizing cream: an excellent solution to lighten the final effect, making it pleasantly fresh.

Also the choice is important: the citrus fragrances tend to be less persistent, while the musky or spicy ones have a longer duration.

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