Peugeot: the new strategy looks even more to the environment, enhancing the driving experience even more

Peugeot: the new strategy looks even more to the environment, enhancing the driving experience even more

A future free from fossil fuels and harmful emissions by moving around the city with comfort, design and safety. The Peugeot range is ready for the green challenge

Every day the earth rebels and, in its own way, asks us for help. Claim to slow down and change lifestyles. The need to return to defend and protect the environment even more is getting stronger and the only way to do this is to gradually eliminate the pollutants that make our cities unhealthy.

Only by reducing emissions such as carbon dioxide could we stop climate change. This is why the green change, even in the field of cars, is a need that can no longer be postponed. Saving the environment is possible without giving up our mobility. Like? With the electric.

“Sustainable cities” are not a utopia but increasingly a dream that comes true thanks to electrification. Having a range of 100% electrified vehicles, starting from 2023, is the goal of Peugeot, which already offers 70% of its vehicles also available with this power supply.

The revolution is underway: bicycles, scooters and electric scooters are already on the market together with car-sharing vehicles and some models of cars already fully electrified. Peugeot looks to sustainability and tries to meet the needs of citizens who are increasingly respectful of the environment, aware of the need for change.

Peugeot: by 2024 the range will be completed with electrified versions on each model

A 2024 that is free from fossil fuels and emissions harmful to the environment. This is how Peugeot sees its future in the name of sustainability.

Already now, in fact, the car manufacturer of the Lion is working to prepare a new range of cars powered by alternative energies, 100% electric, gradually getting rid of fossil fuels. The green and revolutionary cars of the Lion for the driving experience they offer, are able to meet the different needs of modern motorists.

Not just a green future in Peugeot’s projects. Mobility supplier, it is committed to ensuring the freedom of movement it has always offered, remaining a point of reference for the automotive sector for over 130 years.

Performance at the highest levels, autonomy suitable for the movements of Italians, superior safety and bold design. Compact cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, bicycles, scooters, every element of the House plays an essential role in the electrification strategy of the brand.

What is the strength of Peugeot’s technological offer? The “Power of Choice”, that is the possibility of choosing the type of power supply most suited to needs and uses, without sacrificing all those elements that have always distinguished the House as a must in the mobility market: from design to comfort, from equipment to habitability, up to load capacity and driving pleasure. The power supply is no longer an “obstacle” because it does not condition the choice of the model.

Which Peugeot car to buy: the best green, safe and innovative choices

In the large Peugeot range, which car to buy if you want to make a green choice right now? The “Power of Choice” philosophy is already a reality. In fact, electrified cars offer the same comfort and safety, the same technology and habitability as the petrol and diesel versions.

Proof of this are the e-208, e-2008, 3008 HYBRID & HYBRID4, 508 HYBRID and 508 SW HYBRID, e-Traveler, e-Rifter as well as commercial vehicles.

The new Peugeot e-208 not only guarantees the absence of vibrations and a silent ride, but also a very fast transition from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8.1 seconds with a range of 340 km. A true champion of freedom, power and comfort that adapts to all circumstances in the city.

And for those looking for an SUV, on the other hand, comes the new Peugeot e-2008 that stands out at first glance. Strong, muscular and always modern. Quiet and dynamic when traveling, with a range of 320 km.

Obviously, there is no shortage of plug-in hybrid cars, such as the new Peugeot 3008, a hybrid that can be recharged with the plug. Pleasure behind the wheel and new sensations to experience with a car that offers four driving modes.

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