Pharmaceutical drug collection to help patients

Pharmaceutical drug collection to help patients

Drug Collection Day is back: 4,500 pharmacies will be able to buy over-the-counter drugs to donate to those in need

Saturday 19th February 2019 the XIX edition of the GRF – Drug Collection Day returns throughout Italy. In 104 Provinces, in the approximately 4,500 pharmacies that adhere to the initiative and exhibit the poster, it will be possible, thanks to the indications of the pharmacist and the assistance of about 20,000 volunteers, to purchase one or more over-the-counter medicines to donate to the poor. The drugs purchased will be delivered directly to over 1,700 welfare organizations affiliated with the Banco Farmaceutico Foundation non-profit organization.

During the GRF of 10 February 2018, 376.692 packages of drugs were collected, for an economic value of 2,642,519 euros. Over 539,000 people benefited from it, assisted by affiliated institutions. In 18 years, the GRF has collected more than 4,700,000 drugs, for a value exceeding 28 million euros.

The GRF takes place under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, in collaboration with Aifa, Cdo Social Works, Federfarma, Fofi, Federchimica Assosalute, Assogenerici and BFResearch. The initiative is implemented with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo (Institutional Partner), Teva, Doc, EG EuroGenerici, Comieco, Mediafriends, Rai Social Responsibility and Advertising Progresso.

In Italy, in 2018, 539,000 poor people (10.7% of the absolute poor) became ill and asked for the support of institutions to be able to treat themselves. In 5 years (2013–2018), the demand for drugs by institutions has increased by 22%, while in 2018, due to more urgent expenses (ie not postponed), poor families have destined to health only 2, 54% of its total expenditure (against 4.49% of non-poor families). Poor families, in particular, were able to spend only 117 euros a year for treatment (with an increase of 11 euros more than the previous year), while the rest of the families could spend 703 (+8 euros compared to the previous year). 'last year).

The 2019 Drug Collection Day will also take place in the Republic of San Marino and has obtained the High Patronage of the Excellent Captains Regent and the Patronage of the State Congress and the Institute for Social Security.

"All the poor need blankets, food, clothes; and, above all, work. Not all the poor, however – it is common opinion – need drugs. Not always, at least, but only when they get sick. Here it is: this, in truth, happens much more often, and to a much more dramatic extent, than one imagines. In 2018, almost 540,000 people in poverty needed medicine, but could not buy it. However, they were able to be treated equally, thanks to the help of the welfare agencies. Participating in the Drug Collection Day and donating a medicine that will be delivered to the bodies of its own territory is the smartest way to help the world of solidarity and the Third sector to do its job; it is the simplest way to do a right thing, "says Sergio Daniotti, president of the Banco Farmaceutico Foundation non-profit organization.

“Also this year the pharmacies participate with commitment and enthusiasm to the Drug Collection Day. In the pharmacy we live in daily contact with situations of serious economic hardship. More and more people cannot afford a drug and postpone treatment or even renounce it, ”says Marco Cossolo, president of Federfarma Nazionale. "The spirit of solidarity is a founding value of the pharmacy as a reference social-health structure in the territory and distinguishes our professionalism".

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