Phosphates: what they are, where they are and what consequences they have

They cause problems for adults, but especially for children: we discover what phosphates are and in what foods they are found

Phosphates are additives widely used in the food industry and present in many foods.

According to recent research these substances would be responsible for various pathologies, from the ADHD syndrome, namely attention deficit disorder, up to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Where are? In these all industrial products, from snacks to packaged meals up to snacks and drinks. Phosphates can be traced in sliced ​​meats, packaged cheeses, yogurt, ready meals and meat. Identifying them is not at all easy because most of the time they hide themselves in the list of additives in the form of colorings, aromas and flavor enhancers.

What do they cause? Numerous scientific studies have shown that a high level of phosphates in the body is associated with the onset of cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal diseases and calcification of the arteries. The worst damages, however, are those caused to children. In the smallest ones, in fact, an excess of phosphate can cause serious behavioral disturbances ranging from emotional instability to aggression, passing through impulsiveness, tics, insomnia and psychomotor difficulties.

An excess of phosphates in fact hinders the secretion of norepinephrine, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that have the task of regulating nerve impulses towards the brain. As the neuropsychomotricist Umberto Villanti explains, in fact this hormone also has the task of connecting the neocortex, or the seat of thought, with the limbic brain, which presides over emotions.

Not only: large amounts of phosphates also cause excessive production of the FGF23 hormone which has a negative effect on the entire cardiovascular system. What to do? First, it is important to learn to limit or eliminate foods that contain many phosphates, such as carbonated and sweet drinks, melted cheeses and yeast-rich products.

How to find out if our body has an excess of phosphates? In the pharmacy, small tests are available to assess the pH of saliva and assess the level of these substances in the body.

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