Photovoltaic bonus: this is exactly what it is and how it is obtained

Photovoltaic bonus: this is exactly what it is and how it is obtained

The photovoltaic bonus was introduced this year to reduce bill costs. But what exactly is it about? We will explain it to you.

With the spread of photovoltaics, many choose to take advantage of energy storage systems. But what exactly do they consist of? In flanking of the batteries to the photovoltaic panels, useful to be able to use all the energy produced.

photovoltaic bonus

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In fact, the batteries allow to store the energy generated during the hours of sunshine, to be able to use it later even when the panels are not in operation, ie at night. The storage is already associated with many of the photovoltaic systems on sale, but you can also add batteries to an already running system.

From a purely economic point of view, we know that by switching to photovoltaics there is talk of savings of approximately 1,500 euros per family per year. To this we must then add that the photovoltaic system, being able to generate electricity from sunlight, it will also save us on gas. In fact, solar panels can also be used to heat domestic water instead of gas boilers.

Also with the energy decree the government has decided to speed up the bureaucratic process for installing solar panels. Today, therefore, it is no longer necessary to request authorization in advance (with the exception of restricted properties and historic centers).

If this didn’t seem like good news already, we tell you right away that there is another one: a 2022 photovoltaic bonus was introduced to be used, but with precise indications to follow and with deadlines to be respected. Here’s everything you need to know.

Photovoltaic bonus: this is what it is and how to request it

The government, with the Budget Law 2022, refinanced all building bonuses for the home. So today those who plan to install a photovoltaic system can take advantage of tax deductions thanks to:

  • restructuring bonus;
  • superbonus.

photovoltaic bonus

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In the first case, the discount to be recovered in 10 years in the tax return it is equal to 50% of the expense. In the second 110% in 5 years. In both cases, however, it is possible to choose the discount on the invoice and the credit transfer.

In the first case the subsidy covers both the supply and the installation of solar panels, for a maximum total cost that cannot exceed 96 thousand euros. With the deduction of 50%, the actual cost of a photovoltaic system is halved and you have even more advantageous payback times, even considering that there is a reduced VAT at 10%.

There is a maximum spending limit? Yes and it is set at € 96,000 per property and can therefore be deducted in 10 rates of equal value at a maximum of € 48,000 per property. In any case, it is in any case calculated on an annual basis.

Speaking instead of the super bonus 110%, we must specify that this can be used for the installation of photovoltaics on first and second homes, also for energy storage systems.

In this case, however, photovoltaics alone are not enough: other energy efficiency works on the building are fundamental. To obtain the photovoltaic bonus, therefore, it is still necessary to carry out driving work.

What are they? Thermal insulation of vertical, inclined and horizontal surfaces for the total 25% of the building, replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or the supply of condensing domestic hot water, heat pump, hybrid or geothermal.

However, it will still be necessary improve the APE energy certification of the building by at least two energy classes.

Within when should the superbonus be requested? It can be requested for expenses incurred by 31 December 2022 on single-family houses or independent units if it is shown to have completed at least 30% of the works by June 2022.

In the case of condominiums or buildings consisting of 2 or 4 units all owned by the same person, it is possible to arrive at the latest until 31 December 2025.

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