Phrases for Mother's Day

Phrases for Mother's Day

You bought Mother's Day gift, but now you don't know what to write on the greeting card? No problem: today I will offer you different phrases, quotations and aphorisms

You bought Mother's Day gift, but now you don't know what to write on the greeting card? No problem: today I will offer you several phrases, quotations and aphorisms from which to draw inspiration for your greeting message.

Quotes for Mother's Day

Sometimes you don't find the right words to express affection towards your mother or, more simply, nothing special comes to mind or you don't have enough imagination. Here, then, are some quotes that can give you some ideas on what to write in the ticket for the mother, you can report them as they are or customize them as you prefer.

I then picked up some sentences for Mother's Day that struck me particularly. If you like them, return them to your mom's greeting cards.

A girl who was asked where her home was, he replied
"Where is the mother" (Anonymous)

Men hold the world. Mothers hold up the eternal, which rules the world and men.
(Christian Bobin)

Describing my mom would mean talking about a hurricane in all its power.
(Maya Angelou)

"Dad, what is a man?"
"A man is who takes care of you, who protects you"
"As a child I will become a man, like my mother"
(Andreapalmieri, Twitter)

Of all women's rights, the greatest is to be a mother.
(Lin Yutang)

Funny phrases for Mother's Day

If you are looking for something witty and fun to tell your mother that you love her, but snatch a smile from her, here are some ideas:

Professional pair of socks. Lost object detector.
Champion of dirty looks. Greetings to all mothers.
(dlavol, Twitter)

Mum is the person who, seeing that the pieces of cake are four and the people are five, says that she has never liked sweets.

It's not really a mom if she doesn't call you for breakfast, lunch and dinner to ask you "did you eat?" Even before "How are you?". Best wishes to you mom, I love you

When your mom asks you if she can give you advice, it's actually a rhetorical phrase. She will give it to you anyway. Happy birthday mum.

These ironic and amusing sentences are just some examples of how you can make her smile by adding your gift from a different kind of greeting card. The ideas are really many and you too will find your special way to express all your affection.

Sometimes you just need to write what your heart tells you, without thinking too much!

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