Phrases that sporty girls can't bear to hear

Phrases that sporty girls can't bear to hear

What are the phrases that sporty girls can no longer bear to be told?

Being a sporty girl involves having to continually endure phrases and commonplaces, due to belonging to an environment considered generally male. Undoubtedly it takes a great deal of determination and patience to endure such situations which, in the long run, can be very annoying. What are the phrases that a sporty woman is heard to say more often?

What a sporty girl often hears is how strange it is that a woman likes sports. This sentence is certainly a lack of respect for the female figure. In fact, it is typical of a mentality that considers women as extraneous to the sports world and more to be connected to the home environment and the household chores that follow. Many women, however, like sports and keeping fit.

Often, sports girls are asked if doing sports represents an activity they really like or a simple way to make themselves strong and strong in the eyes of others. It almost seems that many men consider a girl's sports activity as a frame for the sole purpose of being pleasing.

Another common place in the sports field is to consider female sport as simpler or less valid than that practiced by men. To think that, a priori, the woman is less enterprising or less strong than a man is something extremely chauvinistic. Sporty women often feel disparaged because of these thoughts from the male figures they relate to

Playing sports is an activity considered by many to be purely male. Hence the tendency of some people to judge a girl who is very dedicated to lesbian or, in any case, not very feminine physical activity. Keeping fit and showing strength has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Many women also have to struggle with these prejudices in this regard.

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