Physical activity helps those who have to fight dry eye

Physical activity helps those who have to fight dry eye

Not just eye drops, aerobic training also helps fight dry eye: how it works

It is well known that regular movement is good for the body and mind, helping us to keep weight under control, counteracting metabolism problems and even helping us to limit pain and inflammation thanks to the production of positive-acting endorphins.

But it appears difficult to link physical activity to the contrast of ocular suffering, and in particular to the symptoms of dry eye, such as discomfort in the light, itching, burning and other discomfort related to the lack of tear film. Well, now research published in Experimental Eye Research suggests this is possible. and advises us to do regular physical activity when our eyes, also due to habits that lead us to stare at the computer or tablet screens for hours or rather due to non-optimal weather conditions, begin to send out signals alarm not to be underestimated.

Not just eye drops and artificial tears

Having said that to deal with dry eye you always need the opinion of the specialist, who can then recommend the most effective treatments on a case-by-case basis, let’s try to see how regular physical activity can help.

The research, conducted by experts from the University of Waterloo, examined about fifty people, all suffering from conditions related to dry eyes, dividing them into two groups: in one a training program with appointments for five days was proposed. week, in the other no more than a single weekly session.

Obviously, in addition to verifying the actual performance of the aerobic effort according to the program, the researchers also checked the condition of the eyes and the details of the tear film before and after each exercise session, with particular attention to the secretion of biological fluid. Result: among those who regularly exercised, an increase in tearing in a quantitative and qualitative sense was observed: in fact, the quantity of tears increased but also their composition improved, in terms of “mixture” between the different components that contribute to their formation.

The conclusion is therefore intuitive: for those who often find themselves facing the signs of dry eyes, even regularly carrying out aerobic physical activity, obviously according to their conditions, can be useful for replenishing the ocular surface with fluids.

Who risks more and why

Although we think that tears are basically liquid, there are several layers that make up the film that “wets” the ocular surface. In general terms it can be said that there is a component formed above all by fats, which acts as a barrier and slows down the evaporation of the real internal liquid, and one made of water and mucus. This has the task of allowing the adhesion of the liquid to the surface of the eye and favors the passage of nourishment towards the inside. Of course, when everything works best, there are no problems. But there are many variables that can affect this path.

For example, think only of environmental factors, from environmental pollution to weather conditions: wind, very dry and dry air or the conditioning of the rooms can favor the evaporation of the tear film. When this happens the eyeball is less lubricated and therefore becomes “dry”.

In addition to external agents, there are also factors related to the subject that influence: the problems increase with advancing age, and women in menopause are more likely to risk. There are also diseases, such as Sjogren’s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis that require targeted treatments by the specialist, or pharmacological treatments that can induce the appearance of dry eyes. All this, obviously without forgetting the effects of prolonged exposure to screens: let’s remember to wink frequently at the computer and working on the tablet. Our tears, and our eye, will thank us.

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