Picky kids? 5 tips to convince them to eat everything

Picky kids? 5 tips to convince them to eat everything

Here are some simple tricks to get your little ones to eat fruit, vegetables and healthy foods without problems!

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Set a good example

Children love to imitate the behavior of adults: expecting your baby to eat vegetables when you sit side by side and eat french fries, unfortunately it doesn't work. Put in your plate the same healthy foods that you want to offer to children, and show them that you also eat them with taste. Another trick that often works is to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on sight; in this way, you will intrigue the children and attract their attention, stimulating their desire to try foods they do not know.

The secret? Variety and fantasy

When it comes to feeding children, the secret is to stimulate their curiosity: experiment as much as possible, creating a mix of interesting colors, playing with textures and trying new recipes. Go ahead, then, to smoothies or velvety vegetables with bright colors: thanks to the latest generation cookers you can also offer them to the little ones. In summer, on the other hand, offer thirst-quenching homemade fruit juices to fill up on vitamins: you can prepare all kinds of them with a simple juice extractor. Finally, be creative. Cut the fruit in an original way, or make smiley faces on the vegetable plate.

Reduce portions

When proposing a new food to the little ones, cut it into small pieces and offer them reduced portions, because presenting an unknown dish in large quantities could discourage them. To motivate them further, try to propose the novelty next to a food that your child already knows and appreciates.

Explain the benefits of each dish to children

Just like adults, children are always interested in understanding the reasons for an action; when you offer them fruit or vegetables, then, clearly explain the reasons for your choice, explaining the benefits of each dish in a simple and direct way. If you offer a carrot, tell them that it contains vitamin A, a substance that is good for the eyes and skin. For very young children, however, you can make comparisons with the animal world. An example? If they eat carrots, the favorite food of bunnies, they can jump and run with the same energy.

No prizes or blackmail

Don't give in to blackmail, because you risk linking the need to take on new foods with an unpleasant experience; also, avoid offering a prize to force children to eat what they have on their plate. If you really want to convince children with the promise of tasty food, bet on a healthy and homemade snack. Finally, be patient and tenacious, as consistency always rewards with the little ones. Try perhaps to start the meal with vegetables: if the children are hungry, in fact, they will hardly completely reject what is offered to them.

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