Piero Chiambretti cured of the Coronavirus: discharged from the hospital

Piero Chiambretti was discharged from the Mauritian hospital in Turin where he was hospitalized after being tested positive for Coronavirus

Piero Chiambretti did it. After two weeks, the host of # CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne was discharged from the Mauriziano hospital in Turin, where he had been hospitalized after having tested positive at Covid-19.

On March 16, in fact, Piero Chiambretti had been hospitalized at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin, where he fought against the Coronavirus. The conductor has now finally recovered and is well. After obtaining a negative result from two tampons, he can go home to his loved ones to spend a period of recovery.

To reassure the public, extremely worried about his state of health, Chiambretti himself, who wanted to thank the health personnel who took care of him in these difficult days. The conductor, in fact, said:

I wholeheartedly thank the emergency room staff of the Mauriziano hospital in Turin who assisted and treated me with self-sacrifice, passion and great humanity in these long days of illness and psychological discomfort.

Moreover, Chiambretti wanted to encourage and support, with a message of hope, all those who are facing moments of difficulty due to this disease:

I am cured, I have two negative swabs. A message of hope that I want to share and pass on to everyone.

A good news, therefore, for Piero Chiambretti and his family, which arrives, however, after a serious mourning. In the same hospital as the conductor, mother Felicita was hospitalized, also infected and died in recent days.

The loss of the mother represents, for Piero Chiambretti, an enormous pain. The two, in fact, were extremely close. A suffering witnessed recently by a friend of the conductor, Whilma Ghia:

For him, having lost Mama Felicita in the same hospital where she was staying was the greatest despair. It cannot be accepted. This virus has managed to ward off people who have never separated, like them.

Despite what he faced, Piero Chiambretti is now doing well. He will have to spend a few more days of rest to be able to fully recover from the disease and to be able to face the serious mourning that has affected him. There is no doubt, however, that soon we will see him again at the helm of # CR4 – The Republic of Women, a show extremely loved by the television audience.

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