Pierpaolo Pretelli and Elisabetta Gregoraci: sparks after the GF Vip

Pierpaolo Pretelli and Elisabetta Gregoraci: sparks after the GF Vip

The former Velino returns to the topic Gregoraci, this time it doesn't fit: "Enough like the Gregorellis"

There is no peace for the Gregorellis! Less than a month after the Big Brother Vip final, Pierpaolo Pretelli returns to the topic Elisabetta Gregoraci, who continues to be a source of curiosity for the many fans who have followed their stories inside the GFVip House.

Heard by Giada Di Miceli of Radio Radio, Pretelli said that he had not yet freed himself from the figure of the former Mrs. Briatore. Too many questions about her, so much so as to push him to a clarification that seems definitive: "We cleared up the things we had to clarify, both at home and during the final, when I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with her – he declared – the only thing is that she continues to like and comment on things that concern the Gregorellis ”.

The former Velino would like the clamor to subside, especially since he is now happy alongside Giulia Salemi. The curiosity about his relationship with Elisabetta Gregoraci does not seem to subside, but Pretelli continues to reiterate that he has no interest in his ex-partner: "Gregorelli's speech has always been based on friendship and it must be. She has always been clear: for us there would be no future outside the House, regardless of Giulia Salemi ”.

Rather, it would be Elisabetta Gregoraci to whet the curiosity of the fans. Pretelli says: "The only thing is that you keep putting likes and comments on things concerning the Gregorellis".

Furthermore, Elisabetta Gregoraci is not among the arguments of the Salemi-Pretelli couple. The two, who met and fell in love during the last edition of GFVip, still live separated between Rome and Milan. In recent weeks, Giulia Salemi has also had the opportunity to consolidate her friendship with Ariadna Romero – mother of Pretelli's son – but she has not yet met her family.

Giulia Salemi, who for the moment continues to live in her Milan, is still waiting to meet little Leonardo. Pretelli has in fact chosen to protect the child and take some time before involving him in his new romantic relationship.

On the contrary, Pierpaolo Pretelli has already been welcomed by the Salemi family and – in particular – by his father Mario, already enthusiastic about their love story. Fariba Teherani, Giulia Salemi's overwhelming Persian, is one of the competitors in the new edition of the Island of the Famous, conducted by Ilary Blasi.

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