Pietro Taricone, Lorenzo del GF reveals why only Marina La Rosa was present at the funeral

Pietro Taricone, Lorenzo del GF reveals why only Marina La Rosa was present at the funeral

Lorenzo Battistello, 10 years after Taricone's death, reveals why the GF competitors, except Marina La Rosa, were not present at the funeral

Lorenzo Battistello, former protagonist of the GF, returns to talk about Pietro Taricone and reveals, 10 years after the actor's death, because the reality TV contestants, except Marina La Rosa, were not present at the funeral. It was 2010 when Pietro, back from the show's success, died due to a parachute accident. His disappearance left a huge void not only in the life of Kasia Smutniak, his partner now married to Domenico Procacci, and of his daughter Sophie, but also in the existence of former adventure companions.

Many wondered why the protagonists of the first Big Brother were not present at Taricone's funeral. The answer came precisely from Lorenzo who wanted to remember those difficult and complicated moments for everyone. “Marina had moved to Rome – she revealed to FanPage -. Pietro also lived there and they frequented each other, they had a bond of friendship. When Pietro died, Marina was at the funeral. He also had a relationship of knowledge with Kasia Smutniak – he added speaking of the actress and partner of Taricone -. He experienced it in a more painful way because of this. At the time he challenged me for not going to the funeral. I was at 1000 km and I remember that the funeral was celebrated very quickly, a few days later I think. It was a shock, I didn't even have time to organize the move. Then Marina is a very sensitive person. "

Lorenzo then let himself go to a reflection. "At Pietro's funeral there was only Marina – he said -. I think if it had happened today all nine of us would have been there. It was time, in our head Big Brother was finished at that time. We found that unity that was missing at the time now. " Today Lorenzo, Marina La Rosa, Roberta Beta, Cristina Plevani and the other GF competitors are very united. "The link between us ex-competitors is still very strong today – he explained -. We have a Whatsapp group and we speak every day. At that time, however, after the initial boom, everyone had taken his direction. There had been events, evenings, meetings on TV and then we had detached ourselves, we were understanding what to do with our life. "

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