Pigments for tattoos with carcinogens: Ministry withdraws them from the market

Pigments for tattoos with carcinogens: Ministry withdraws them from the market

The Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal and recall of 9 pigments for tattoos containing carcinogens and heavy metals over the limit

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The Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of some pigments for tattoos because they contain carcinogens.

These are 9 types of ink that do not comply with European legislation. As stated on the Dicastery website in the section Consumer alarms and reactions to notifications of dangerous non-food products the pigments involved are the following:

  • DUBAI GOLD tattoo pigment, WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO brand, Lot number WFDG172801, deadline 02/02/2020
  • Tattoo pigment – SAILOR JERRY RED, brand WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO INK, lot number WFSJR1720011
  • Black Mamba tattoo pigment, brand Black Ink, lot number 2D170018
  • GREEN BERET tattoo pigment, brand WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO, lot number WFGB161801
  • Hot Pink tattoo pigment, ETERNAL INK brand, lot number # T-138
  • BANANA CREAM, brand INTENZE, lot SS233, art ST1021BC
  • LINING GREEN, brand INTENZE, lot number SS204
  • LINING RED LIGHT tattoo pigment, brand INTENZE, lot number SS191
  • BLUE IRIS, brand Perma Blend World Famous Inc, lot number PBB / 18904 ref PBB / 1/2 Batch B20207, deadline 05/23/21

The articles have been banned from marketing, collection and recall. Chemical analyzes carried out in various Italian laboratories have shown in all these products the presence of substances dangerous to health, in some cases indicated as a chemical-carcinogenic risk, in others chemical-allergenic with the presence of heavy metals not allowed, chromium and nickel over the limits allowed.

Recently the Ministry had ordered the withdrawal of the Citterino salami, and of contaminated gorgonzola.

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