Pilates: 5 basic exercises for the core and posture

from Anna Pugliese And Gerardo Antonelli

Do you want to start practicing Pilates? Start with these simple exercises suggested by Laura Pucciniteacher and trainer of Pilates and trainer of functional gymnastics in Milan, e Monica Bianchiteacher in Trieste. Repeat them every day as well, paying attention to breathing. He always remembers, however, to look for the quality of the movement and the precision in the execution.

Toe taps266543

Back on the ground, shoulders down and arms relaxed at the sides, inspiring activates the abdomen, leaning the lumbar area towards the mat. Then raise your legs to the table, with your knees flexed to 90°. Exhale, touch the ground with the tip of the left foot, starting the movement from the hip, without moving the knee. Inhaling, return to the starting position, then exhaling, execute with the right. Repeat the full exercise 10 timesseeking control of the lumbar area with the holding of the transversus, the deepest muscle of the abdomen.

Half roll back266544

Sit resting on the ischium, the pointed bones you feel under your buttocks, with your knees slightly bent, as far apart as your pelvis and feet on the ground. Stretch your arms forward parallel to the floor while keeping your palms down. Exhaling, flex your back, as if it were to take the shape of a C. Begin to descend, inhaling and pushing the navel well towards the belly, until you can keep the shape of the spine unchanged. Do not lift your feet off the ground. As you exhale, come back forward directing your head towards your knees and repeat, 5-10 times.

Shoulder bridge266545

Lie on your back, flex your legs with your feet on the ground, under your knees, parallel, keeping your arms at your sides. Stretch your neck well, resting your shoulders and shoulder blades on the mat. Exhaling, contract the buttocks and press on the feet to lift the pelvis off the ground: the back comes off up to the shoulder blades. The body must be aligned, diagonally, starting from the chest and up to the knees. Breathing in, slowly return to the starting position, trying to come down straight from the hips, as if the pelvis were a tray (without unrolling). Repeat for 5-10 times.

Single leg stretch266546

Lying on your back, flex your legs 90 degrees. As she inhales, she activates her abs, thinking she is sucking the navel in, raises her head and neck up to the shoulder blades, keeping it well stretched, and stretches her left leg forward. Her hands encircle her right knee, which remains bent. As you exhale, reverse the position of the legs, placing your hands on the left knee. The head remains raised, with the chin pointing to the breastbone and the abdominal tightness is constant. Repeat, following the breath, the extension and the flexion of the legs for 10 timesremembering to exhale with each change of leg.


Place your stomach on the ground, with the iliac spines, the two most protruding bones of the hips, on the same level and the abdomen retracted, as if you were wearing a corset. The arms are stretched forward, palms down, legs straight and relaxed. Exhaling, raise your head, arms and legs by a couple of cm and then, rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling, raise and lower the opposite leg and arm, alternating. Keep your abs active to avoid arching your lower back and keep your shoulders down. The head remains aligned with the floor and slightly raised, the gaze is directed downwards. Repeat 10 times.

(Drawings by Alessandra Scandella)

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