Pinning and cutting your hair yourself at home, the ultimate guide

Pinning and cutting your hair yourself at home, the ultimate guide

New year, new hair! If you want to give it a break, here's how to do it at home easily and without (too many) risks

With the end of the year and the beginning of the new, it is time to take stock and make good resolutions. But, leaving behind us a hard and difficult year, also to change something, to feel renewed, ready for something new and (hopefully) beautiful. And what better change than a color or a haircut?

Although it is always better to rely on a professional, especially for radical or particular cuts, you can try to give us a cut yourself at home, with the right tools, some tricks but, above all, remembering to shorten them a little longer than you would like them , because you always have to cut more in time.


All you need to cut your hair yourself at home

Before proceeding with the cut it is necessary to obtain some essential tools for its success. First of all it is important to choose suitable scissors and to be relegated only to this use. In fact, they must always be very sharp and using them for other purposes could damage the blade. In this way it will be easier to be able to cut the lengths clearly, without creating steps. It is important that they have a straight blade and are pointed, not rounded.

You will then need some rubber bands, which will help you take the measurements and delimit the areas to be cut. Clips could also be handy, for example to isolate smaller sections, bangs and tufts. Finally, keep a spray bottle with simple water at hand, which you will need in some cases to moisten your hair in order to keep it tidier, especially if you have curly.


How to cut your hair yourself to make an even cut

There are two possible methods to cut hair of equal length, one more suitable for those who cut their hair completely by themselves, the other for those who cut them at home but can get help from someone. In the first case, just moisten your hair so that it is well disciplined (especially if it is curly), divide the head into two sections thanks to a central line and bring the two strands in front of the shoulders. At this point, make two pigtails by applying the elastic to the point where you want to cut. By doing this you will be able to take a precise measurement and balance the two sides.

But be careful, always keep longer than the cut you would like: you will always have time to shorten more, but once cut there is no turning back. Also remember that dry hair tends to be shorter, especially if you are curly or wavy. Therefore also evaluate according to your hair type. If you have them very voluminous and many, it is better to make two pigtails on each side, so as not to have to cut too much hair all together, certainly resulting more precise. Once you have carefully chosen the length, you just have to hold the scissors and cut, always keeping them horizontally.


If, on the other hand, you have someone who can help you in the moment of cutting, always arm yourself with an elastic but create a rear tail, tying them right under the nape and leaving the lengths on the shoulders. At this point, place another elastic to delimit the area to be cut, always keeping in mind the above and have your helper cut under the elastic. If you like the idea of ​​having the front part slightly longer, for example if you want to make a long bob, before placing the second elastic and cutting, pull the hair slightly behind the ears, so that in that area it is softer . Then proceed as explained and, once the elastic is removed, the front part will be slightly longer than the rear.

At this point, proceed with the finishes, in order to further equalize the hair and eliminate a few steps or too many tips. Use the comb and, while combing your hair, use it as a limit and guide to position the scissors, then cut to adjust the imperfections.


How to cut your hair yourself at home to get a layered cut

The technique for obtaining a scaled cut is almost the same as for making an even cut, with the difference that in this case the pigtails to be made will always be four and never two. First, a central line is created to create the two main sections, which in turn will again be divided in half with another line, in order to obtain two smaller locks on each side. The pigtails are then created, taking care to tighten the rubber bands well so that they fit snugly against the head. To obtain the scaling, you will need to position the elastics of the two front pigtails slightly higher while a little lower for the rear ones. At this point, first cut the front and then the back and make sure they are symmetrical to each other before removing the rubber bands.

Now it's time for the finishing touches, using the comb as a guide again and holding the ends between two fingers, so it's easier to be precise. To make the cut even more lively, then, use the scissors vertically and just pinch the tips, touching them. Thus the cut will be more homogeneous and will help not to point out small inaccuracies.

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