Pino Daniele, the poignant memory of his daughter Sara on Instagram six years after his death

Pino Daniele, the poignant memory of his daughter Sara on Instagram six years after his death

Sara Daniele remembers the painful anniversary of the death of her father, the famous Neapolitan singer-songwriter

Six years have passed since that dramatic day, an appointment that many still remember with great sadness: Pino Daniele passed away on January 4, 2015, and today his daughter Sara dedicates wonderful words to him on Instagram, entrusting his tribute to a beautiful photo for dad, on the day he passed away.

"After six years I wonder if when you wrote Sara you had already foreseen everything, thinking: 'Listen, I will write it to him, so when in doubt he listens to it and knows that: 1- He can also stop crying, 2- I will never go nowhere, I will always be there with her '- a bit like this photo where you took me in your arms ”- wrote Sara Daniele as the caption of a tender shot of her, still very small, astride her father's shoulders.

And again: "I realized that we children are the extension of our parents and their teachings. I'm not perfect and I still have a lot of things to learn, but if I look at my path from 18 to the woman I am today, I think you'd be a little proud. Thanks dad, for everything. I'll wait for you by the sea as usual ". A moving memory, that of Sara, who aroused great emotions in all her fans.

In her words there is the enormous suffering for the void left by the death of Pino Daniele, an immense pain that in the past led her to take the wrong path. In an interview with Oggi, the young woman had in fact revealed: "When people thought the bad was over, it happened that I got lost. But for real. I spent my day in overalls and at 11 am I already had the glass of wine in my hand. I hated everything and everyone. First myself ".

Sara Daniele, fruit of the love between Pino and his second wife Fabiola Sciabbarrasi, is not the only one who wanted to remember her father on this special day. Alex and Cristina, the children born of his first marriage, shared a touching post on the profile of the Pino Daniele Trust Onlus Foundation: "The 4/1/2015 was a long night, the sound of the rain covered the noise that was water preserves its memory. Tears that materialize emotions, the salinity leaves the trail in which we gather to experience the pain that still holds us close to you for a moment, dad ".

Sara Daniele remembers dad Pino on Instagram

Sara Daniele with dad Pino

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